MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, July 01, 2011



The bureau of the great Prof C More Books was calm until she arrived. The Prof, self described and generally disdained by broader academia, claims knowledge in finance, religions, space beings, commerce and politics, is tense. Emma of Kazabazua, is known here as Loco Lola in deference to her past life at the 1555 Vatican. She was Queen Juana of Castile, quickly named Loco Lola by Bishops put upon by the frenzied suggestions of this first woman Jesuit.

Loco has mellowed with time. Now her persona more closely resembles Coco Channel of 1920-30s fame. Carefully placing her feet in ballet steps, she proceeds around the prof at his desk, humming something from a WWII Nazi marching song. Passing behind his chair, she leans forward and breaths in his ears. First on the left. Then on the right. The Prof is composed. He doesn't even blink or make any notice. He has passed the Loco Lola test once again. A test of will against provocation. The prof 100. Loco zero. She only does this when the prof seems totally immersed in his pages. Loco has been known to have offered important insights from her deep trance channeling and remote viewing.

The prof is trying to deconstruct the screen memory that results from the hypnotic amnesia inflicted by space aliens when they periodically abduct him. A screen memory is a false imagery invoked by ETs to conceal the reality of the contact and or abduction. He thinks that 2012 is the coming of a mind shift. The mental shift of 2012 can be something like a universal screen memory that will block previous memory. He is undecided if the 2012 memory shift will be like that described in the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The book mentions Prophet Isaiah when he tells about the arrival of a new consciousness that blocks all previous memory. "For behold, I create a new heaven and earth and the former shall not be remembered or come into mind." The work of Julian Jaynes tells how finance of antiquity cannot be understood or described by current vocabulary and knowledge. This thought shift occurred about the time of the mythical Second Temple, offers newly arrived Willard also of Kazabazua and close with Emma. If the public mind were to suddenly become blank of the Moloch structure of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange Swindle finance, thought trembles at the outcome, he offers.

Willard is a life long seeker and watcher for Nazi war criminals. Much of his effort has been unrequited. Without Emma, we could describe his life as empty. A man of 1000s of Masses and Rosary Decades beyond count, a neighbor with attributes approaching perfection, Willard has been in deep reflection. Given the shortage of Nazi war criminals and difficulties with substantiating the 6,000,000 number other than as an occult calculation from Hebraic Talmudic rumblings, based upon the mythical 600,000 and their families at the mythical Exodus, Willard faces a decision.

Should he switch from seeking Nazi's to observing for Zionists? He finds a behavioral similarity. He gets snarky when appraised of the BIZWOG Psy-ops swindle where the 6,000,000 holocaust is used to trivialize the crucifixion of one Jew compared to the loss of millions of Jews. He gets restless at the inference that a number quantity could possibly substitute for the Majestic salvific sacrifice of his JC. We leave Willard in his deep reflection. (BIZWOG= British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government)

The recent election has divided Canadian political leadership between two parties. The War Party and the Whore Party. The war party aka Conservative is in high camp at winning a majority in Parliament. The Whore party, aka NDP, is official opposition and qualifies as the national whore by supporting 100% the Conservative motion for more war in Libya. Just like the US, there is no difference between the political parties.

The difference between US and Canada is the open and expanding rule by the Monarch of Buckingham Palace. In the US, the rule of BIZWOG is concealed by the skillful use of Hollywood images and constant patriotic propaganda about freedom and liberty and security. Media loyalty to Israel obscures the reality of conspiracy between Israel and UK to exterminate the US as an independent political country. BIZWOG finds the US Constitution a most loathsome document. The Cpl Duty First says the hate is exacerbated because of the Suez crisis when Ike ordered Tony Eden out of Suez or be blown up by atom bomb.He says read The AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.

Once upon a time Canadians thought of the area of land North above the Provincial boundaries as Territories and part of Canada. The new immigrants to Canada taking French language classes find the texts have been changed to show everything north of the existing provinces as CROWN LAND ie owned by the Queen as her personal property. It seems the current visit of the newly wed royals is sort of a get acquainted with the estate tour, offers Cpl Duty First, still resting in Tuktoyaktuk. He is avoiding Loredo the Blade searching for the Cpl along the great divide, just south of Truth or Consequences. Conchita the pole dancer has been saying bad things about the Cpl.

There are two basic facts in play as the 2012 approaches. The Prof says we should anticipate that the mind shift is a choice between the two facts of life.

One, is based upon the corporate capital democratic world of international stock exchange finance. In this system, which shares operating practices identical to communism, the most important principle of economics is that people exist for interest rates, debt and trade. Bank credit exists to support finance.

Two, is a system where this control system is reversed. The economics declare that capital is to exist for employment and income security. Trade and commerce are subordinate to well being. Bank credit exists to support well being and community prosperity. The people come first.

Obviously two world views are in conflict. 1) Nationality endows the citizen with a form of personal capital that is made complete by community and commercial respect for the protection of the individual. 2) The opposition is when the person is considered a commodity, ie goyim-beast, to be displaced and valued by money price as is the current corporate mode of globalist egoism.

Banking and international stock exchange finance has started and won two world wars by manipulating the current public memory, says the Cpl. What happens if 2012 comes and it is found that the banking credit system of central banking has been a flawed concept since its inception? It was forecasted that central banking would have a life span expiring in 2012. It was perceived that future intellectual reflection would find the concept of central banking and international stock exchange finance "too absurd for serious thought." ( Thanks Dr. Soddy)