MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Tension has come again to the American dinner table. A sense of the unpleasant prevails in conversation. Who will win the election? A choice is offered. Criminal women with history in homicide. Or vulgar businessman who builds things.

For example, criminal reports tell us that Kaddafi, wounded, surrendered, pleading for mercy, was disemboweled by bayonet while the US Secretary of State clucks approval. Polls report it is big bucks Donald saying dreadful things that inspire the people and offend the political elite.

Media has no favor for Donald and is silent on Hillary celebrating bayonet entering Kaddafi anal cavity for carving away the intestines until dead. A friend in little Rock falsely accused put in solitary confinement dies deprived of essential heart medication, but that is another story.

Not happy character options for choice to be president of the military super power, some say. My advisor and deep trance medium is now in contact with her past life as first woman Jesuit at 1555 Vatican is concerned.  We call her Loco Lola when she is like this.

I suggest there is no worry because the congress is at work. Spontaneous laughter from all present registers my ignorance. Coongrrress they below in unison as if I had made a joke. Loco Lola is about to speak when Prof C More Books interrupts. The structure of separation of powers no longer works.

The global communication and banking structure has made it obsolete. Instead of being a balance of powers it is a network to conceal and facilitate money privilege and corporate power. The powerful even control the supreme court to make it unlawful not to purchase health insurance. The courts system now guarantees profit and revenue to private corporations under penalty of law. Extortion, one might say. Others say state capitalism another name for Bolshevism.

There is no limit on election finance spending by corporations and secret groups. It is pretense to regard the govt departments as separate powers balancing interests. The govt is really a concentration of power to deliver privlege to the few, if you know how to work the levers of power, mumbles the Prof.

         Loco speaks. It is all about the domination of labor by capital, she says. The Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance has been unleashed by Clerical error. It is prophecy. It has come quietly in the past one hundred years in the shadow of the mistaken but popular belief in democracy. When capital prevails over people as in the worship of markets and multiculturalism the word democracy no longer means the people, but is derived from the word daemon which mean devil.

         This devil prevails over judgement to drive people to believe in smart bombs and such obscenities as conscript of women for battle. The fact that none of these issues are central part of the current political debate is proof of the devil, she says. “Take that all you atheists,” I say in surprise response.

Loco has been reading in the two books offered here for $10.00 pdf, MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order. BIZWOG is for BRITISH-ISRAEL ZIONIST WORLD OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT, a logical example of Anglo-Hebraic take-over of US Money and policy for the past 100 years.