MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, September 04, 2013



The secret of success in corporate marketing is to know "everything" there is to know about the private lives of you. You are the consumer customer target in their markets. The code word to help conceal this surveillance of you is in a code word helped developed by Freud and his nephew Bernays. The code word is civil rights.

In the process for understanding customer psyche, a certain Mr. Bernays made a unique insight. He learned how to influence women. He learned their private minds. Then using advertising media of all types, he taught women how to smoke cigarettes in public. The tobacco and advertising companies as well as Hollywood loved him for his contribution to the culture. At this same time Adolph Hitler objected to this culture. He said "smoking causes cancer."

Early in the desire to know consumer customers, the science of market research incorporated the study of psychology. This is the use of surveys and laboratory experiments and statistical analysis of the data to identify hidden psychological attributes of the consumer. It was important to completely understand motives for purchase and use and point of purchase that activated the customer consumer. The psychology of the consumer was documented to ascertain which if any attributes could be pliable to favour the great merchant sales. Recently, the NSA data base from web network and illegal spying has  delivered the most corporate valuable market data on the planet. Great corporations, foreign and domestic, through CIA and White House National Security Council connections, no doubt benefit from this surveillance data.


Strategies about eliminating competition in products and or entire competing companies could sometimes emerge as fortunate results of market research. Post WWII in the USA, the market surveys discovered that market behaviour could be influenced by race preference between white and negro population cohorts. It was shocking to wall street and the great merchants to contemplate that negro consumers were equivalent to taking ten percent of the total market if based upon race preference. The idea of race differences had to be eliminated. Multiculturalism had yet to be invented.

The risk of market revenue loss to negro entrepreneurs became a passive worry for corporate and wall street America.  Detailed studies at the highest level were sponsored. The studies revealed four key values that crossed all race and ethnic lines.
1. High international prestige for America is good.
2. High real estate values are good.
3. "Having all people realize their potential is good."
4. "Being broad minded is good."
The future of marketing in America must obviously maximize appeal to these values. There were immediate plans to maximize interest in corporate logos and facilitate how these logos connect with the personal identity of the customer consumer.

A first step was of course to alter white and black attitudes away from segregation of races in so far as this could influence merchandise selection and sale. It was necessary to modify shopping attitudes to eliminate the risk of separate markets being a function where ten percent of the national market could be captured exclusively by blacks. The prospect of ten percent of the market going to black entrepreneurs could be eliminated by careful marketing and social strategy. A break with the past was urgently needed. The concept of civil rights to be followed by multiculturalism was discovered just in time.

In order to get a genuine break with past, it would be necessary to change key attitudes about race relations and moral precepts. Civil rights was a period of keen speakers and clever slogans. As early as the 1950s, corporate worry was exacerbated by slogans such as "negro free by 63."

The related values modification program began with Hollywood movie scrips and Corporate advertising showing whites and blacks in unconventional situations and relations. The white community was targeted to absorb and accommodate black differences. Although the media content was targeted on the sub conscious, the advertising declared that segregation actually undermined 200 years of American tradition and progress.

As if by design, the movies and advertisements  were primarily assimilated by children in the audience. The brand names were easily learned as part of individual identity. The video and audio message targeted the child psyche in a special way that facilitates a break with the past. Video is virtual magic in how it shapes a child world view.  Color is identified as early as four years. Cultural convention in USA had it that black children had desires to be white. At about five the child begins to identify with cultural media heroes. Therefore the behaviour modifying advertising psychological techniques facilitate a cultural reversal to accommodate corporate objectives of a break with the past. The mass media promotion of black heroes can take white children out of their own family culture according to marketing master plans.


The ultimate in master plans begins with the famous research technique known as the opinion poll. Used continuously to report political events in the news media, careful inquiry finds the opinion poll is really about controlling and guiding to an ever more limited choice. The poll results are analyzed to measure degree of approval and disapproval on a subject. Then the marketing message is revised and restated to influence acceptance of the product or issue being polled. The opinion is really a choice limiting technique. Very clever these research people.

For example, a stunning finding from early 1960s research was that the customer most  likely to respond to new product offerings and become a first time adopter were in the homosexual cohort of the market. These identified as a lifestyle cohort. More detailed studies revealed that these preferred customers identified themselves as in the gay lifestyle.  These are among the quickest to agree to new products for trial and purchase.

These most preferred customers that help assure inventory turn over and profit were tracked cording to their lifestyle. The range of customers identified in rank order were homosexuals, blacks, mixed races, Asians, white women, Mexicans and finally white males. It must have been a surprise to find the white male as the least desirable customer.  Further, it follows that children exposed to a lifetime of great merchant media would be incapable of making moral distinctions common to their family traditions.

The altering and control of customer consumer outlook to make a break with the past is the central objective of the corporate market theory and strategy. Special behaviour modification and mind control scientific studies are financed at the highest level. The emphasis for change to break with the past is always placed upon the virtue that being broad minded is good.

Many compliments to our contributor The Great Prof. C More Books. Thanks for reading Rduanewilling  The Prof recommends reading the book THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG: The Final world order.