MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Scary new majority party takes control of CANADA. The Conservative party election win signifies complete control of the Federal government. The NDP (commie type softies) are the official opposition, growls Willard of Kazabazua, Close with Emma. A man of thousands of Masses, Rosaries beyond count, a neighbor approaching perfection and near full time seeker of Nazi war criminals, perhaps Willard exagerates.

He is quick with us. The BritishIsrael Zionist World Occupation Government (BIZWOG) aims to gain control of the world by moving behind conservative politicians in North America. The election numbers indicate to Willard that election outcome is the work of vote fraud computer routines first perfected by President BuckFush and now Pres. Buckwheat. The wipe out of senior Canadian Liberals is too complete to be genuine, He is whispering now. Waving his hands pointing to the ceiling as if spies were listening. The popular notion of conservative has been completely taken over by BIZWOG moles in both USA and Canada, he sighs. Read the book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order, he says.

Great and infernal noise reports the arrival of CPL Duty First, PHd, 30 years US Army. He is just back from Truth or Consequences riding his 1949, tank shift, kick start Harley 61 by way of Tuktoyaktuk to here. He says oil sand pollution is staggering. Water and air are being fouled for miles and miles. BIZWOG media and Bay street apparently has a news blackout on oil sand production. Bay street is the Wall Street of Ontario, often considered the Canadian market, but actually controlled by Province of Ontario.

Our Cpl is doubly out sorts. In addition to seeing the oil sands disaster, his long ride was required to escape Loredo the Blade, who caught the Cpl moving on Conchita the pole dancer back in New Mexico. We suggest he spend more time on religious matters to improve his mind. He should read the book; MONEY:The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, offers Emma of Kazabazua as she begins a trance contact with her past life as Queen Juana, the first woman Jesuit, known unkindly at the 1555 Vatican as Loco Lola.

Our good Prof. C More Books looks forward to the day that Loredo, the blade, catches the Cpl in naked delight. The Harley riding will be over for the Cpl, he chuckles to himself. The Prof,when not interrupted by Loco in her theatre of Coco Channel twirling around his desk with diaphonous fabric waved over his pages, is working on the definitive algorithm for oil as controlled by the Texas Railroad Commission. World oil prices have been coordinated through the offices of the Texas railroad commission since the spindletop crisis in 1913, he says.

Loco Lola has been whispering to the Prof. The Prof says that "Fletch" Prouty told Loco about Saudi 99 year drilling deals at 99cents per barrel. The contract dictated that all revenue went to New York city. Although desiganted as Saudi money all deposits were to remain under control by the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve. In fact there is no such thing as a Saudi Arabia as a practical matter, reveals the Prof.

Mogen Dildo,CEO and Founder of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People, arrives to join us. Permanent lifetime MOSSAD Israeli secret agent in charge of North America, he can never visit his country. In a soft voice in deference to his tradition where all is not enough, he whispers an inaudible Heil Israel.

Before he can raise the subject of the two books; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG' The Final World Order, The Montreal Market Medium wants to know about Iran. Mogen apparently can't decide if the books are semitic or not. The Medium rants about Israel and Iran. What it Israel attacks and loses half its pilots as prisoners in Iran? How will you get the pilots out. What if the duds of hi-teck missles are back enginneered by Iran? Then What? YIKES, he says.

Watch out for a big double cross by Pres. Buckwheat, gloats the Medium as if he had inside info.
If the US and BIZWOG plead innocence and outrage at such an attack (Yes dear reader, your mind should be troubled by the prospect that the State of Israel and its buffoon cohort of Christian zionists may just be tools for the greater vision of BIZWOG.) Read the book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. If the duplicity of BIZWOG is too much for you, I suggest a session with Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk, world premier remote viewer and deep trance chenneler, mentor to Loco Lola in Kazabazua.

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