MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, October 06, 2013

CULT 273: The RULERS of NOW.


This cult 273 that now rules the finance, banking and corporate markets of the world comes from Bible origins. Cult 273 begins with the Exodus saga. After arriving in Jerusalem, 273 men were chosen to be more than Levites. This Bible cohort had carefully planned the plunder of all the gold, jewels and silver of the Pharaoh. The trick of hiding the loot on the children to cover larceny during the escape to the Temple is a master stoke of larceny. This can be seen as the crime model for all time since.

The hidden power, Moloch, God of these 273 men who are chosen to be more than Levites, has been revealed in the book MONEY; The 12thand FINAL RELIGION. Like any God, the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and swindles like mortgages and stock exchanges, has Apostles. These carry the dogma through time. These descendants of the 273 men can be known today as the Egregore. The Egregore, as Apostles of the Moloch, continues today as rulers of human activity through the power of money. They can be discerned in the energy and intellect that gives us the structure known as central banking.

The routine of the Egregore can be observed at rate setting meetings by the Bank of England. This practice no doubt has its origin in the early Apostolic ritual of those first 273 men who were more than Levites and are now known as the Egregore. The You Tube video of BreakWith the Past by rduanewilling will help explain the Egregore origins and the Cult 273.

There are errors is speculating about a new world order coming sometime in the future. It has been here for nearly a century. First, to overcome error, we need to “smoke out” and understand a couple of false flag events. These are not yet discussed in any conspiracy analysis.

The killing of Alice and Elbert Hubbard on board the Lusitania was critical to imposing the New World Order. We suspect MI-6 planted the explosive that blew the bottom out of the ship. This was followed by frenzied anti German propaganda. There was hysteria about a torpedo from an alleged but non existent German submarine. The explosion that sank the Lusitania cost over 1000 victims.

Alice and Elbert were the two most widely respected nationalist patriot writer publishers in America. They understood America. It was common that about 50% of American families still spoke German at home. The Hubbard’s were on the Lusitania en route to meet formally with the German Kaiser to record and report his desire and terms for immediate ending WWI in 1915. The deaths of Elbert and Alice Hubbard changed world history by preventing peace.

Who in their right mine would object to peace in 1915? You ask in sincerity. Fool, have you No imagination? With peace it would have been in a major setback for the new world order. No Balfour declaration, no state of Israel, no Zionist control of Washington. no BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). Think about it?? To cope with the concept of BIZWOG, Read book, THEAMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.

Another significant, but like the Lusitania murders, not discussed in proper context is the so-called rape of Nanking. This Chinese city was reported as maliciously without purpose destroyed and massacred by the Japanese in 1937.

It seems the Chinese Nationalist government had decided to make a truce with Japan in order to actively pursue the war against he Chinese communists. Back channel diplomacy had arranged for the Japanese to send a truce commission to meet the Nationalist Chinese representatives in Nanking for the signing of the Armistice of friendship and peace between Japan and China.

The Americans and British Empire had other plans. This treaty could have meant the end of British Opium sales in China and consequently an economic depression in India the supplier of dope. About 20% of the India GDP came from British controlled drug sales to china.

The US military forces, that were to become the black operations muscle of the developing BIZWOG, the US marines were called to action. Mobilized from US Gunboats on river patrol in China and Dressed as Chinese commandos, they intercepted and slaughtered the Japanese peace mission while it was en route to Nanking.

Insidious misinformation from Imperial Britain reinforced JAPANESE suspicion of a nationalist Chinese betrayal and murder of the peace mission. The vengeance of the Japanese high command on the Nationalist Chinese city of Nanking was a consequence of False flag trickery by what was to become BIZWOG. (British-Israel Zionist World occupation Government).

We are thunderstruck by this spontaneous set of declarations by our visitor, Emma of Kazabazua, remote viewer and deep trance mind reading medium. She is known unkindly in her past life as Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. We study Loco carefully looking for signs of post abduction hypnotic influence. Some times she gets a little weird after contact with ETs. She appears her normal self.

Our good Prof C.More Books has risen from his pages and directs us with a strong voice. “Do not repeat any of this report by Loco outside of this room, under any circumstance.” Loco turns to leave, but rumbles of a heavy voice shout for attention. It is the return of The Montreal market medium from his long lunch. Four hours of steady libation with minimum interference by food brings the medium to full voice.

“It is official. BIZWOG rules. The dollar is safe,”he bellows. “Straight from the horses mouth,” he certifies for our benefit. He only lunches with highest of secret agents is his long standing policy. They are the only ones that know how to do lunch, he says. This means drink.

The Montreal Market Medium insists on quoting who he calls head of the corporation. He thinks we don’t know that it was the KGB that referred to itself as the corporation. Our medium moves in exulted circles.

The report is that the false flag operations of destroying the WTC towers on 911 and the 2008 market crash of mortgages actually mark the end of an epoch as fore casted by the Mayan Calendar. A new power has been authenticated. The technology used to dissolve the twin towers was a combination of Anti gravity generators in the basements and use of the Tesla focused energy. He is bellowing something about a Dr. Judy Woods and some wing nut anti gravity Physicist in England.

The application of this latest technology has demonstrated to the entire world that they are not safe from being dissolved where ever they are. Further, mind control science has made telepathy operational. Who ever controls telepathy controls the world, he whispers.

Now it is no longer possible to plot in secret against the powers of the US Dollar because the reverse of telepathy is mind reading. It is operational world wide , he growls. Therefore anyone plotting against the supremacy of the BIZWOG over the US and control of its dollar can be turned into “toilet flush” at any time. Absolute power is at available for the invisible hand of BIZWOG, bellows our Medium.

The medium relaxes in a great wheeze of alcohol breath and gurgling laughter. The problem is which of the two Jews that make up BIZWOG is going to prevail. One Jew is of course the Legendary lost tribe Jews of the Old Testament exile that morphs into the British-Israel Anglo Saxon as the real Jew. The other Jew is of course those of Zionist Israel. “Not room enough for two Jews in BIZWOG, he howls.” Read book. The American Caliphate of BIZWOG, he hoots.

By the way, he adds. “This US govt shut down is a charade to bait opposition to control by US dollar powers. Any serious banker powers that plot action against the US dollar are being identified by telepathic mind reading. At the first sign of opposition, a smart bomb will visit them in the privacy of their own bathroom with a great explosion,” roars the Medium in his disturbed version of humor.