MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Mind control is the ability to directly affect the neural structure of a person by certain ultra high or ultra low electronic frequencies. These frequencies achieve the desired effect on the brain without requiring an implant. The thoughts of the targeted person become the thoughts programmed by the sender.Under certain conditions the transmitted thoughts affect the recipient brain with the authority of the "voice of God." An aircraft pilot could surrender all his basic instincts for self survival  and deliberately crash his plane into a tall building or unexpectedly dive into the ocean. The world trade center and the Egypt Air crash into the Atlantic comes to mind.

Electronic mind control can override even the most basic of human instincts  and can induce virtually the entire range of human emotions as well as forms of illness including heart attack. Instructions to suicide, including suicide by cop where a cop will be confronted with an armed suspect who refuses to put down his weapon and is shot dead in the confrontation.The mass shootings in theaters and schools that invariably involve the perpetrator shot dead by police somehow fits here.

The experts working to perfect mind control seem to have been unleashed on the American public  by the post Korean war hysteria about POWs under Chinese perfected mind control. It was quickly perceived by the Anglo-Hebraic powers of the new world order of BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) that mind control could have immense commercial and political possibilities. Many of the returning prisoners were responding favorably to economic discussion then considered heresy, but now are familiar to Jewish candidate for President, Bernie Saunders.Times were different then. 

The evidence from study of markets indicates that BIZWOG and its great merchant corporations and banks regard the conventional social and cultural mores of America as impediments to sales and profits. The ideas of race, language and nationality can be seen as limits to corporate growth. The market studies revealed that the customers most responsive to new products, brands and advertising were first; homosexuals, then blacks and mixed races. Orientals, white women and Mexicans came next in the profit ranking of responsive customers and finally the least responsive and therefore least profitable was the straight white male. This turns the convention of white male preference in marketing campaigns on its head. Television advertising already manifests this change. The white male is generally reduced to mindless boob generally in the way of expenditure.

The removal of profit limiting conventions in American society has been a master piece of behavior modification through mind control. The use of cognitive dissonance creates permanent state of dissatisfaction that is best resolved by following the great merchants advertising instruction to purchase/vote for some product.The purchase/vote resolves the tension of the cognitive dissonance until the next advertising campaign in inflicted on the target market.

It is impossible for the average American to think of their country as significant but relatively minor element of grand empire of BIZWOG. The Anglo Hebraic financial genius of central banking reduced the US to a brute force in a more sophisticated world of finance. The appropriation of the Federal Reserve Note by London City and Tel Aviv to serve as the World currency is pure genius. The Americans deny to the risk of oblivion how they have been duped. As Bible mumblers they cannot recognize the Woman on the Beast Of Babylon as a carefully BIZWOG selected  candidate for president. says my advisor and medium Loco Lola, first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican in her past life..

PS: The saga of BIZWOG, British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government comes from necessity to explain to British voters in 1800s why Christian England was using opium to control and occupy China and India. Outrage was assuaged by careful study at university where it was discovered that the English were really the ten lost tribes of the Bible. They were the genuine Chosen people, the real Jews, and were doing God's work in controlling the world. The hybrid of Anglo-Hebraic blending of English with Semite Jews was a natural byproduct of accepting Semite Jews into Royal finance of the Bank of England to create a world wide reach of central banking. Modest inquiry finds world wide central banking a refined version of the old British empire with roots in the East India Company which still maintains a desk in certain dark chambers of London City. At least this is the report of Loco Lola after deep trance remote viewing.