MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, May 08, 2014



Some call it New American Terror Organization. Debate from Canada suggests it should be called North American Terror Organization. After all, Cdn. PM Hooker, family name Harper has been quickest to commit to NATO thrusts of recent weeks in the Ukraine. "Beat Americans to the draw," he could say.

The term Lebensraum comes from the vision of Adolph Hitler and his ideal of a base for food production for his German People. Population could easily be sustained by the agricultural out put of a Ukraine liberated from Communism and protected by the German Reich. One can speculate that a diligent staff officer at NATO HQ archives has discovered this nearly century old idea.

It is important to keep in mind that the purpose of any military organization especially NATO is as a structure to facilitate officer promotions, pay and pension eligibility. An invasion of Ukraine under NATO pretext can accomplish these.  Pulse at NATO headquarters has quickened in anticipation, reports my advisor and deep trance medium and remote viewer, Loco Lola.

The occupation of Ukraine by NATO under cover of protecting it from Russia would justify a virtually permanent military force on the ground with full complement of supporting High Command back at head office in Brussels. Promotions beyond belief. Medals for risky travel back and forth to the front. Loco says she sees flashbacks from previous times with special mention of Stalingrad. An army of 250,000 slowly starved and froze to a captured contingent of 95,000 Germans, Hungarians and Italians, of which some 5000 survived to return to their countries in the 1950s. Upshot of vision is that Ukraine has been a death march for armies for centuries. Even the Mongols left rather than stay. Loco is amazed at her remote viewing.

While she is on the subject of war, we ask her to remote view for any special weapons that might surprise the NATO commanders, such a directed energy and laser devices and mind control weapons or chemicals that could disable troops. She dismisses me as unworthy of serious thought on such a level of warfare. Although there might be an unanticipated side effect of Godless communism in the field of weapons development, she says.

Loco says that ET technology was known to capitalism as early as the 1950s. This made many free energy devices and weapons available to be designed and manufactured, but this would have materially changed the industrial and financial structure of the USA. Free energy weapons and motive systems would have crippled the stock market role in the economy. There fore development was restricted and delayed or even prohibited because it would have disrupted the beliefs and money system of the USA. On the other hand Godless communism without stock market control of the economy was not restricted in the development of ET provided technology. YIKES!

A great noise from doors opening and closing almost interrupted Loco. It was just our Montreal Market Medium returning from lunch looking for his office. Eyes ablaze with insight and breath to clear the room he bellows. "It is fact that the 'men in black' were created to make sure that no energy system was allowed into production that would not add to national debt and stock market listings." Anybody or corp that made breakthroughs in these areas was either put out of business or acquired or even 'snuffed' is the report from our medium. He claims full knowledge of money and markets.

He says that any energy system that does not contribute to national debt does not create money. Without continuous creation of money there would be no way to support interest payments on national debt. The outcome would be that a debt based, interest supported stock market capitalism would be demonstrated as impossible to support a national middle class living standard. The unveiling of national debt as the wealth of the stock exchange rulers of the economy would require a new way of thinking about personal income and wage rates and work force participation. Our medium leaves us roaring that he does his best work after lunch.

Some days are more demanding than others. Thanks Loco for your remote viewing.