MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, August 22, 2015



There is talk of student loan debt relief in some circles. Others make sounds of resentment. Debt relief would cost the taxpayers big money, some say. There is the inference that such relief would be undeserved. It is hard to accept by the financially comfortable that the debt is untenable for too many. The selling point of the loan business has been that a college degree was access to big money and career, not to worry.

The fact is that loan relief in question would not cost the taxpayers, but would cost the lenders. Why then is there an allegation that taxpayers would be involved? FOOL it is simple. The lenders through lobby control of congress got the govt to guarantee the lenders assets. The loans of the lenders are of course their assets and they think their assets should be protected by the government guarantees.

You immediately question how it is that mom and pop at the morning to midnight café are completely on their own. No guarantees there. Can’t even get U/E coverage for family workers. Also there is in the legislation guarantees that the lenders get a usurious rate of interest. Even when adjusted for the mortgage crash, the student rates can be 500% higher than Fed rate.

Lenders lie by design or error. Student loan was a financial ghoulish idea in the first place. Common sense dictates that debt free education for the competent should be a national priority. Students as a source of loan revenue for a few barely conceals the reality of indentured servitude. From this, it is obvious to most that interest bearing loans as a means of financing education has created a financial disaster for too many graduates and in many cases families who cosigned on the loans.

It is worth noting that the protection of the lender is beyond convention of common law. It is not possible to escape the debt burden by normal steps in bankruptcy. The only thing missing to benefit the lender is perpetual hereditary debt on the order of ancient Rome. What kind of Congress could create such laws? Evil is the operative word, says my advisor and deep trance medium Loco Lola.  In past life, she was first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican.

 I retire to ponder the implication of her answer. Evil is such a strong pejorative. Relief does not come. The rumble and snarl of the infernal machine is disturbing. Cpl Duty First has just parked his 1949 Harley 61 by my window. I am kind with the Cpl and explain my subject of student loans. His answer is immediate, without pause. He is sharp with me. “What do you expect from the control network in Washington,” he shouts.

Control Network KDQN has been in power since the assassination of JFK. He bellows now. The K is for kikes. D is for dikes. Q is for queers and N is for the N-word, he says moderating his N-word as a concession to political correctness. He cynically repeats as all knowing, all power to the Control Network KDQN-word. Check how the benefits have been flowing to the multicultural cunning for 70 years, he snarls. I am not shocked. This scandalous language should have been expected from such a low life. Thirty years of continuous Army service and still only a Corporal. When last here some one suggested getting a witch doctor and putting a spell on our Cpl Duty First.

Aroused and attracted by the commotion, our good Professor C More Books joins us. Self considered as all knowing on religion, money, economics, politics and geography, and just about anything his hair is combed, a clean shirt and tie without stains and arm candy that is breath taking in feminine perfection. She approaches. Her hand is extended with poised ceremonial grace. She breathes a near music sound that says  Conchita from the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences.  My mind stops. This must be Conchita the pole dancer from the Cantina on the four lane.

A turn of her wrist gives me permission to sit in my own chair. She has been doing some post graduate reading and discovered two books of contemporary importance. She has two Doctorate degrees, one in Neuroscience and the other in Paranormal mind control. The two books of interest are MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order. (BIZWOG) is for British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

She gives us a post doctoral view for remedy of the student loan problem. Since scholarship is a form of work , why not a form of civil pay for course hours expended , she says. A student taking full course load would qualify for some wage. It would not be related to grades. Perhaps a periodic bonus could be paid to superior students based upon controlled supervision test scores. The existing structure of loans should be extinguished. The lender loss
 expense would fall on the financial ghouls that would construct such a plan in the first place. It is called capitalism. They took a risk and it didn’t work out.