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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Israel @ The FUTURE of money, II

This genuine constitutionalist blog offers a populist perspective on the future of the money of the US dollar. The stance here is that a major stock exchange swindle that began with the Savings and Loan crisis of the Nixon administration has reached its apogee. The Magic of being able to convert deposit insurance of $100,000.00 into stock market cash has finally encompassed all levels of financial imagination. "Cash is now king. Keep that in mind," says our sometime contributor, The Montreal Market Medium. He says we should not be investors until we understand the secret Mystery Religion of money. Read the Book; MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION, he says.

In order to remain secret and not be observed the Mystery Religion of Money moves behind the veil of existing religions. We have evidence of such a parallel and simultaneous thought process active in the US market system. This process of parallel thinking is recognizable in its contradictions. The health care debate is an example. Some 47,000,000 million persons are without insurance for health care. The financial policy elite say the uninsured should be covered by plans from the corporate insurance industry "in order to control costs." The obvious contradiction is that the US has the highest percapita health care costs on the planet. If corporate insurance plans are already the most costly with the least coverage, how could more of the same be better and less expensive? Obviously some kind of mystery mind is controlling thought of the financial corporate elite.

Further, a payment has been authorized for the poor and middle class in order to offset a possible 2008 recession. This was hotly debated around the issue of budget deficit and affordability. Yet, the equivalent amount is being spent every few days in war and support of foreign countries Israel, Egypt, North Korea just to name a few. The evidence of deliberate financial deception by media silence and government policy is epidemic in the US. Here is clear evidence of the parallel mind set essential to conceal the mystery religion of money.

The mystery religion of money, since its inception some 2000 years ago, controls intellectual thought through an imaginary "psychic fire". This mental obsession that we call "psychic fire" creates the belief that money unlike anything else on the planet can grow and fructify merely with the passing of time. Unlike anything else on the planet money has no need for earth, air, water or sunlight in order to grow. In a sense, interest rate money, perpetual debt and stock exchanges are totally alien to mother nature. The mystery of "psychic fire" causes you to believe that money can grow with the passing of time through the arithmetic of money and its interest rate calculations.

The mystery religion of money with its calculations makes national identity, commerce and politics into a confusion by allowing itself to be called market forces. The cult masters of market forces are revealed in the Bible text as the Great Merchants. They now exist as great corporations. The great merchants are the original initiates of the God Molock of the Temple Milcom built by the mythical Solomon.

The Bible Book of Revelations, in its prophetic voice, says the great merchants, now called corporations, share a plan. Today we recognize these plans in the stock exchange listings of banks, insurance companies and corporations in their drive to gloablism and a new world order. The plan for the first great merchants starting with Abram and continuing as he becomes Abraham and others encompassed the known world from the Nile to the Euphrates. They idealized this area by the name Israel. Those early great merchant dreams provide the basis for much of what is called Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Read the book; MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION, to find that Israel is neither a political state nor a people.

Many claims of success reported in the Bible based traditions cannot be substantiated by research. Careful inquiry frequently finds the opposite of victorious. In fact,there seems to be an inherent capacity for market forces dreams of the great merchants to fail. This is revealed in an epic Bible catastrophe. In Bible times the great merchants had attempted to master the world by using the power of market forces. The global power of the great merchant (corporations) could be made permanent if differences natural in the human condition could be eliminated and replaced by a totally controlled and predictable consumer.

This dream of a perfect world was expressed in metaphor by the attempt to build the tower of Babel. This arrogance ends in failure, a disaster resulting in disorder and incoherence. (We wonder. Could modern multicultural political correctness be a Karmic prelude to a rerun failure of market forces?) The fact is that the mystery religion of money is no mystery. Hiding in plain sight behind the veil of market forces with its secret God Molock and its Temple Milcom, the mystery religion of money is none other than what we know as our central bank controlled, income tax/debt based money system. Master the Markets, save your investments, learn about Molock, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance. Read the book; MONEY,The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

End of part II, ISRAEL and the FUTURE of MONEY, Thanks R.Duane Willing

Friday, February 08, 2008

Israel @ The FUTURE of money

Welcome to the only genuine constitutionalist populist blog in the world. For the next few months the money menace to the planet will be unveiled for your careful reading.

In order to grasp the motives for market swindle of off-balance sheet record keeping, CDOs and bogus revenue reporting by the great corporations along with the crime of leveraged buy-out, etc, you must understand money as a mystery religion hiding in plain sight behind the veil of Bible religions.

It is probably a surprise to learn that money is a religion. Theologians from across the religious spectrum agree. Yes! Money is a religion.

The story of money as a religion is in the book Money: The 12th and Final Religion. This book says that money has a God called Molock. The Molock rules the human condition through perpetual debt, money interest rates and stock exchanges. It is through these misapplied powers of money that God Molock becomes the father of all pollutions and brings harm to the biosphere. The Bible calls these powers usury.

Some persons for doctrinal reasons may be alarmed by the reference to a God Molock being in the Bible. The idea of money as a mystery religion veiled in the Holy Book may be surprising. But Please Note,no offense is intended and I will be personally insulted if anyone tries to construe this report as defamation of your tradition in any way. In fact, I challenge the Bible based religious traditions to dispute the factual reality expressed in the book Money: The 12th and Final Religion.

It is important to know that God Molock is quite unlike any other God. There is no idea of Salvation or Mercy for the human condition with the Molock. The God Molock is perfect for money because he cannot pardon and he does not forgive. Religious history suggests that civilizations decline because people fail their Gods. With God Molock it is the other way around. Rumor says the US is to be the next victim of the God Molock. The Molock abandons a people in pursuit of money objectives.

For example, much is being said about the decline of the US dollar as a power in global markets. There is speculation about China rising to replace the US as a great power. The US dollar fades from bank reserves as preferred currency. Once respected as industrious and forthright and savers that minded their own business, Americans are now reported as self indulgent, arrogant and aggressive without limits. They lead in global warming. Their financial elite are in a crisis of swindle and deception. They steal from each other by sham called interest rate swaps and other money tricks. They plan a plunder of social security and other pension funds under the pretense of reform.

Further as a blemish among peaceful nations, the US is now regarded as the military menace to the planet. American guerrilla underground of constitutional populists quietly find the US Government to be a puppet of a secret cabal they call the BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). This secret government of BIZWOG comes from the dream of world control first advanced by mid 19th century thinking of British secret agents. The idea of BIZWOG was revitalized and made urgent by the American Atomic menace to London City during the Suez crisis, election day November, 1956.
The imperial plan is to control the world through central bank perpetual debt, money interest, universal sales(fair tax)and income tax and stock exchanges.

The ideology of this secret cohort of BIZWOG makes links to the Christian-Zionist movement. They dominate religious television by the "end-time" evangelism of TV preachers. These preachers say that the State of Israel is now superior to the Church in the mind of GOD.(They do not realize the God they teach is actually the Molock) This preaching in effect elevates loyalty to Israel to be above loyalty to the US Constitution for US citizens. "The convention for the display of the US Flag has already been reversed in symbolic submission to BIZWOG and Israel. Notice the flag shoulder patch on the uniforms of US soldiers in Iraq," says Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk, world class channeling medium and remote viewer.

The powerful mix of global lobbyists, BIZWOG secret agents and TV preachers suggest that there really is a mutually held belief, a secret order seeking world control. This order is often misstated as Illuminati, CFR, Freemasons, Bilderbergers etc. The mystery religion of money of God Molock uses all these types of organization. This mystery religion of money is being used to shape the public mind of North America and influence the world. The stance here is that, Yes, the US government policy is being driven by the mystery religion of money, and this religion hides in plain sight behind the veil of existing religions.

end of 1 of 4 parts. To be continued next month, Thanks R Duane Willing.
PLEASE READ THE BOOK: Money the 12th and Final Religion.