MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, August 02, 2009



Traditions and peoples widely agree about a future time of spiritual struggle. Their God is going to have to hang tough against another God. PROBLEM: No one admits that the cosmic struggle affects them now and is signified by money. FURTHER: The ideology of the great struggle is defined on earth in real time by a contesting trinity of economic systems. The struggle characterized by markets intensifies by the passing week.

There is the power called Capitalism where the public/environmental good is supposed to come as the result of money interest and market forces. Later came the challenge of Communism with all power to the Soviet who were to advance public good by control of the factors of production. Then both were challenged by an ideology where capital and markets and factors of production were subordinated to public needs and environment. This system is generally described in the pejorative as National Socialism or Fascism. For some, Zionism might qualify here as well.

It is the unspoken truth that the great credit crash underway is in fact the long anticipated collapse of capitalism and its market forces. The evidence is in the interest rates at zero levels. (Hint: Without interest rates and discount, Capitalism simply fails to exist) The artificial support of investment indices by direct injection of government monies is financial Bolshevism. This is especially advanced in the US and the UK. The final proof exists in how the flow of monies to support firms and indices has been in flagrant violation of law.

The rationale for law breaking and artificial financial measures has been explained in the desperate TV babble that this is just another cycle in commercial affairs, says the Montreal Market Medium, our financial advisor working nights parking cars. Just to keep in shape, he says. The whole justification of the past seventy years of wars and global markets has been that such a collapse could never happen with modern Anglo Saxon stock market Capitalism regulating markets, he says. YIKES! What do we do now? Who has a working model of economics?

As chance would have it, we are visited by the Great Wi Ling, peculiar chinaman, secret agent on assignment to observe Mogen Dildo, CEO, at the Atlanta Centre for Poverty to White People, especially "rednecks". The great Wi Ling, dismayed with Mogen Dildo using civil rights fanatics as cover for US subversion, has come to Montreal to share economic knowledge. He has heard about a coming election in Japan.


Capitalism is desperate. They want to dismantle a competitive economic model before they get found out, chuckles Wi Ling, although chuckling he remains inscrutable. Those Moloch people of Wall Street and London city are terrified. (Moloch is the God of the religion of money. Read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION) says Wi Ling. They seem to have suddenly discovered that Japan has an economic model that works. The very factors of success such as near zero interest rates on national debt, government ministries insulated from lobbyist purchase, and protection of quality food supply by supporting farmers are now targeted by the failed Moloch system as something to change. The concept of national debt as irrelevant in policy for domestic well being is terrifying the floundering Moloch cohort of Perpetual debt, Money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, grins the Wi Ling, Peculiar Chinaman.

Those Moloch parasites propose that higher interest rates on Japanese debt will improve Japanese "Credibility". What they are really saying is that they expect the US dollar to dissolve as a key currency and they are desperate to find a substitute and another economy to exploit just as they have ransacked the US since WWII, howls the laughing Wi Ling. We wonder where he gets his information.

Monday 3 August; LOCO LOLA is LATE!

This is the last straw for that woman. Just because she wanders to her own tune doesn't mean she can't report on time. I was speaking to her in my best management voice of authority. She half-turned away from me, and with her special over the shoulder smile said something that sounded like a word beginning with A and ending with Hole. She has no respect for the burden I carry in preparing this blog.

She moves a chair around to my side of the desk and sits close to me. The breeze from the open window puts her long waving hair in my face. From her mood, I immediately suggest that she has been in deep trance channelling contact with Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit of the 1555 Vatican. "No. I have been with Brother Xavier, the First male Jesuit," she says. "We have been discussing US politics. Do you know there is going to be a woman president in the US by December this year, she says. Buckwheat is illegal because he is not a US citizen and Joe Biden will pass on the job of President. Who does that leave?" She smiles from knowledge of deep conspiracy. I lurch to my feet brushing a few strands of flowing hair from my mouth. I am shouting the word beginning with A and ending with Hole. "You are out of here, I screech." Willard of Kazabazua, her main squeeze in the room adjacent, shouts. "Tell him to go "F" word himself."

Life is full of challenges especially when associated with the Loco Lola's of this cosmos. My apologies for the late completion of this August blog.