MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, November 15, 2012





The Corporal Duty First has cancelled his ride along he great divide just South of Truth or Consequences on his 1949 Harley 61. Although he yearns greatly for the sight of Conchita in her pole dance routine at the Cantina on the four lane, conditions are not favorable. Loredo the Blade, close with Conchita, has been sharpening his 14 inch “K bar” knife and has put out a death threat against the Cpl coming back into the club during dance hours.  


It seems the Cpl in a mistaken frenzy during his last visit violated the protocol for celebrating a pole dance. Only cash is allowed to be thrown on the stage. Mostly this is one dollar bills in US money as the frenzy occasions. The Cpl in his exuberance wanted to pay double. He tossed a Two dollar Canadian coin. Now with Canadian currency at par he wanted to demonstrate double delight. The coin clattered and rolled before coming to a halt at the delicate feet of the perspiring Conchita. Loredo the Blade, unaware of the double value of the Canadian coin, known locally as a “Twooney”, made a beast like roar of disapproval at sight of the coin. Fortunately the Cpl was closer to his Harley and fast departed before Loredo made it to the parking lot and put his blade to the rider of the vintage Harley.


The mood here at the desk of the good Professor C More Books is without joy. The US election has concluded, with its usual charade of Candidates doing let’s pretend.  In retrospect no one here can imagine how a candidate could expect to win with a plan to cut  medical benefits. The plan to cut costs of medicare and medicade could not be winning issue for the Pope himself, growls the Prof.  In addition to the Supreme Court Wall Street Insurance company cash grab on the pretense of federal cost reduction, little else is remembered from the campaign.


 The Montreal Market Medium always alert for financial clues recalls that there was a direct threat to a cartoon figure called “Big Bird”. The contending duo of Romney and Ryan seemed united in this idea. The Prof is snide with a remark that neither Romney or Ryan could stand chicken feed.


Frankly, I was looking forward to a President “Big Bird” to replace Pres. Buckwheat, reports Emmet of Tuktoyaktuk, a small village at the Alaska Canadian border on the Arctic Ocean. He calls in to offer that Buckwheat missed his chance at glory in history. If he had arranged to depart, he could have gone in a gesture of noble multicultural success. By leaving with the expectation that all was recovering economically, then all the Pres “Big Bird” would have to do was continue the success.  Now if things do not recover, Buckwheat will have to take the misfortune.  “Bad political move,” says Emmett of Tuktoyaktuk. 


Emma of Kazabazua, small town just North of Ottawa, Canada, brings her main squeeze Willard to commiserate with us. She has insight from her deep trance contact from her past life as Queen Juanna of Castile, the first woman Jesuit.. She was known in the 1555 Vatican as Loco Lola. Loco says the election was theatre on the order of the clever Joe Goebbels style propaganda that now characterizes US politics. Joe was the propaganda master mind of Nazi Germany. He reported daily victories on the Eastern front until Russian tanks entered Berlin and blasted his radio studio to bits.


Loco reports that the idea a corporation is a person has offended the Cosmos, she says. “Why not have a direct money vote. A dollar a vote. Each person could vote their bank account. A political pact with a million dollars would get a million votes.” She appears to be absolutely serious. No one disputes her logic. Willard fidgets. He is still trying to shake off the after effect of hypnotic amnesia that comes with the daily abduction by ETs. They really like to commune with Loco, it seems.


Willard, a man of 1000s of Masses and Rosaries beyond count, a neighbor of qualities approaching perfection, maintains a daily, yet unfulfilled, vigil for Nazi war criminals. The Prof hints without humor that maybe the Nazis’ are all dead. Willard shrugs in surprise at the suggestion from the Cpl Duty First that  maybe looking for Israeli spies spooking around Parliament Hill might be more rewarding. Loco Lola recoils in dismay at the possibility of political incorrectness.


The Cpl snorts a half laugh at her discomfort. He revels in not being political correct. The Cpl is especially awkward when we are visited by Mogen Dildo, CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People. As the chief MOSSAD secret agent under cover for Israel in the USofA, Mogen, a master of disguise, barely conceals his revulsion when at the presence of Cpl Duty First in our circle.


As fortune would have it, Mogen has just arrived. He enters with a parade of mincing fairy like steps attempting to imitate LOCO Lola when she comes in with her diaphonous swirl of fabric and mincing mouse steps from the mice characters in the Nut Cracker Ballet. He makes a loud “Hello to all” that barely conceals his sigh of Heil Israel, This is his frequent benediction to his land which he cannot visit or communicate with except by second hand reports from traveling TV Protestant preachers that bring him news from time to time. The more cash paid the more frequent the visit. Mogen maintains a silence about the fact that TV preachers go to jail in they try to flog their testimony and books Israel.


Willard has activated his Rosary as a cultural reinforcement in view of  Mogen and the Cpl present at the same time. Just as tension crests another voice is heard approaching. He is trying to make a rhyme about how President BuckFush was follwed by President Buck Wheat and almost followed by Big Bird. Our poet friend, Mr. Cliff Hanger makes it known that he has traveled in the same circles as Romney and Ryan.


 Mr. Cliff Hanger claims inside knowledge on the workings of national finance with the Congresional budget committee. He chuckles at the media saga of a  post election alarm about a financial cliff. More taxes or big cuts in medicare and medicade is the saga. No known financial or moral figure contests this ficticious juxtaposition of falsehoods.


Cliff Hanger is reluctant to agree with us that just like ten years of war finance by off budget bookkeeping that all medical expenses for everybody could be financed the same way. A universal single payer heathcare plan could be installed today and financed with created money just like the wars and the triple trillion dollar bailout for wall street was done. Cliff is not pleased with our proposition. He says we do not understand international Stock exchange Fnance.


 Loco Lola is impatient. She says that it is Cliff Hanger that does not understand finance. She says read the books, MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and The AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order. Also, she snarls, at this pint you will understand how the BIZWOG, (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) has controlled USofA, since the Kenney assassination and the Watergate purge of president Nixon, she says.