MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, May 31, 2009



Our Cpl Duty First, had a vision. He is mumbling. It sounds like "2012 is the end of the age of the word of God" He is just in from riding along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences NM on his 1948 Indian Chief 74. His vision is about Mayan year 2012 and Bible and money things. Emma of Kazabazua, remote viewer and psychic medium also known as Loco Lola rolls her eyes. The idea of the iron headed Cpl on his steel motorcycle having an esoteric experience defies judgement. She suspects engine heat must have triggered some peyote smoke from the trail brush. The Cpl, exhausted by his experience is nodding off.

The mention of stock markets triggers the immediate attention of our Montreal Market Medium. Self described advisor about finance and markets, he works nights parking cars to keep fit, he says. His absence of nite time advisor clients may be related to his market philosophy. He says the stock market is a popular myth. It is wacko to think markets are self correcting. They go up on expectations and accessible credit and go down when credit is retracted. Credit is controlled by the mystery Cult 273, he says. The global economy of the past fifty years has been the cult 273 manipulating a popular faith in the US dollar to be as good as gold. The dollar was promoted as representing as a form of moral and ethical character. A tactile symbol of Truth in dealings if you will, he says.

Just as we think the medium is about to "go political" and explain how the Buckfush administration betrayed American "high ground" morals with Gitmo and lies and protected itself through the use of relatives at risk such as National Guard soldiers in war to manipulate patriotism, we are joined by Prof. CMore Books. The families of troops at risk are essentially blackmailed into supporting an administration war policy. Psychologically this insures against deeper guilt if something bad should happen to the relative in service, agrees the Prof.

The Prof claims deep knowledge in Religions, Money, Psychic domains and ETs and stock markets, yet remains undiscovered and generally disdained by academia. He quietly regards the Medium, the Cpl and Loco as too wacky to be real sources, and they share a similar sentiment about the Prof except it is not quiet. The word beginning with A and ending with hole has been used by Loco to describe the prof in direct address more than once.

The Prof claims direct knowledge of Cult 273. He says it comes from Bible code that describes the first financial elite of 273 men conscripted out the Levites by the God Moloch after the Exodus around 700BC. They were trained in the Moloch mantra of I=PRT and the mystery of "e". The Moloch: God of perpetual debt, money at interest, stock exchange (Swindle) finance and Father of all pollutions enters the human consciousness as financial usury at this time. This is often misrepresented or deliberately concealed in code as the construction of a Second Temple about 539BC. He says we should read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

Loco Lola has slipped into deep trance contact with her circle of ETs. Loco reports that the economic spirit of God Moloch of Bible Temple Milcom moves in society as the modern corporation and allows a malice not normal in the natural relations of a prosperity in harmony with nature. This is a desperate tension that puts the natural force of money in conflict with nature. The cipher to be decoded as "2012, the end of the age of the word of God" is about a lifting of the veil of Bible religions to reveal the God Moloch and its economic spirit of forbidden Usury as driving force of financial markets, she says.

The Profs mind is racing. Generally speaking when a religion is "found out" it fails. Does this mean that a "found out" religion of money would decline gradually or fail catastrophically? What then? Theoretically a new cult would begin to assimilate the intellectual tapestry and patina of financial hocus pokus just as Christianity took over the plant and equipment and costume of the imploding Roman empire. We must be in a gradual process because actually 2008 was the real Mayan 2012, thinks the prof.

The Cpl is now awake and standing to get attention. With his arm outstretched he looks like a rumpled remake of Adolph Hitler. What happens to my mutual fund he shouts? Loco just laughs. Even the Prof and the Montreal Market Medium are laughing. I wonder if this could be qualified as gallows humor (ed)?

Monday, May 04, 2009



Just in from his ride along the great divide south of Truth or Consequences, N.M., on his 1948 Indian Chief 74, Cpl Duty First, Retired USArmy, brings news. Sometimes he calls Pres. Obama, Buckwheat other times it is O'Bummer. He mocks political correctness. We are embarrassed.

"Honkies in the wages and payroll world of work have had it," shouts the Cpl. Their financial destruction is being carefully orchestrated. A Kenya Born, British Commonwealth Mulatto educated as Muslim, Barry Soetoro in Indonesia, is posing as president. He is quite comfortable as the "cats paw" in this final step toward the new world order, bellows our Cpl. His hearing suffers from long hours on his machine. We cringe and advise caution so no one else overhears his slurs of "Honkie, Buckwheat or O'Bummer," He reacts.

"Political correctness is mind control. It is part of the behavior modification routines of the Education 2000 master plan of the BIZWOG. The purpose is to eliminate the individuals power to be able to discriminate by anything other than money price. The new world order needs customers not national citizens. Fool." He shouts. We dismiss the Cpl. He is beyond couth.

The BIZWOG is the Cpls mythical world view of a British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government planning to take over the planet. He says BIZWOG worships a Moloch, God of perpetual (national) debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, the origin of all pollutions. He says read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

Professor C More Books says we should not be too dismissive of the Cpl. It is quite obvious that foreign power lobbyists, especially Israeli connected groups, are controlling US policy and appointments. The idea of a BIZWOG controlling America through its own version of a middle ages Caliphate seems plausible, says the Prof. The concept of a Caliphate is based upon the use of a distinct minority in government offices to exercise control over the majority on behalf of the dominant elite to support their belief system or religion, he tells us. The Cpl shouts back as he leaves. Their religion is Money. The Moloch is their God. Their Temple is Central Banking. They consume people. A gust of wind slams the door closing off further narrative.

The Prof is reflective. He recalls that human sacrifice has been essential in religions. Both Old Testament and ancient British religious traditions had a need to incinerate living persons. In modern times, for something like a BIZWOG, the need to witness sacrifice is probably present in their subconscious. Today a BIZWOG style elite, as motivated by TV Preachers, claim special relations with God by saying "Israel is Gods' chosen people." War as a surrogate form of human sacrifice perhaps underlies the mid-east violence and threats between Israel and Iran. In modern economies, short of war, human sacrifice can be achieved and characterized in a certain equivalence by power over incomes. The denial of incomes to a person by unemployment and outsourcing is a form of human sacrifice and is quite effective for exercising power. Gobalism with a God Moloch for debt, money and international stock exchange finance is perfect for a BIZWOG, he mumbles, somewhat surprised by his own utterings.


Thought is disrupted by the arrival of a breathless Montreal Market Medium. He claims knowledge of markets and money. "The master plan of FEMA in New Orleans was to bankrupt the victims of the hurricane Katrina," he wheezes. The victims who lost houses were given a nominal value to replace their lost house, but without incomes or jobs, they had to spend the money to live. Now the money is gone and there is none to replace the house and homelessness is at hand for thousands of people. "This can't be deliberate," he gasps in disbelief.

It is certain that we have got to keep the Medium and the Cpl apart. Further, it would not be good for our Medium to know that due to artful arrangements among the financial elite it is more profitable for them if GM and Chrysler go bankrupt.

But, he already knows. A company continuing to operate has to pay its workers and suppliers. When forced into bankruptcy a clever derivative puts cash into the pockets of International Stock Market parasites, offers the Medium.

With Bankruptcy, wall street gets paid three times. Once, when they put the company into debt in the first place. Second, when the government paid (TARP money) to cover banks when the market crashed, and third, when they finally force the company into bankruptcy. Then they collect all their original money back by means of a derivative bet. The trick in this bet is that they don't get money unless the company goes bankrupt. If the company continues to operate only the employees and suppliers benefit. A comparison of the power of International stock market finance and the needs of wage working labor has never been more clear in North America, ponders the Medium. This could be a political time bomb!

We wonder if Loco Lola has any remote viewing contact with "Buckwheat" and the BIZWOG for inside knowledge on how the Caliphate plans to proceed.