MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government)

The concept for world dominance was first manifested in the British East India Company, then post WWII, it was expanded to be known as the United Nations. Proof of the UN as the  BIZWOG is in the number of member nations that have a history of/or now use Bible reference and parliamentary government structures and British book keeping. The quaint office of governor general still sitting in national capitals is more than a token to the past days of British Empire. The governor general reports directly to the Monarch and commands the military of the member nations on behalf of the monarch. One might say that as once part of the empire, the only thing missing in the USA is a governor general. But wait, we have the pentagon with five star general knighted by the Queen. My advisor and deep trance medium, Loco Lola says it is an equivalency to the governor general for the BIZWOG monarch.

NATO (New American Terror Organization)
Suddenly NATO begins to make sense, especially in military killing in the areas of the old British and Israeli bible empires. Nothing seems to have changed London City rules supreme. The long time tension of the "great game" between the Czar and the British ie BIZWOG, about who would control the Ukraine is still in play. NATO fidgets in anxiety about the prospects for advancing in great waves of rumbling Armor toward Moscow.  Americans and French lust to compare their tanks with the latest German tanks but Germans seem reluctant to make the road test. Seems they have been surprised once before about unknown Russian equipment. No one told them about the 76 mm ground mounted anti tank gun and the spiffy T34 on the last run at Moscow. Maybe the Poles can go first this time.

The BIZWOG is based upon the bible saga of Christians and Jews.The tradition of Christians as well as Jews seems to be authenticated by martyrs and suffering. The greater the suffering the more authentic is the faith. The Middle East has been poached to its intellectual bones about religious stories. Five thousand year old stories are retold as new miracles. The Exodus, a story about the discovery of deception, lies and felony larceny is retold as work of a beneficent god. Jews and Christians weep in worshipful memory. Non believers look on in astonishment. Great smart bombs fall on quiet homes killing the defenseless in the name of this Bible god that gave us felony larceny and deceit. Jews and Christians pray for more. Is there a test for sanity in this mayhem? Political leaders boast about application of power. Not for us you are 'agin' us.

A test of the degree of madness might be in discovering that the Christian smart bombers are perpetrating the demise of their own kind in the target areas. The most evident victims of the mayhem in the mid east is the victimizing of Christians. But wait? These are mainly Orthodox Christians. These are different than the Roman catholic and Protestants of the west. YIKES! Does BIZWOG have a plan? Get rid of Orthodox Christians in the Mid east? DOUBLE YIKES! I rush to my medium and advisor Loco Lola. As first woman Jesuit in past life at the 1555 Vatican, she declines comment on BIZWOG.

I call Cpl Duty First. We mobilize his 1949 Harley 61 for a trajectory to Tuktoyaktuk. There is Emmet, world premier decoder of all known electronic signals. He tells me that BIZWOG is up to something. I feel reassured, but he won't tell me more because of security oaths, he says. All my past clearances have expired and I have no need to know anything, he says. But, unofficially, it looks like a big dispute coming in Jerusalem about who is to control the Holy sites. Technically, it is the Orthodox orders that control key sites, especially some of those essential to the reconstruction of the temple. This third temple is to be the BIZWOG center for control of the world money system based upon the filth of carbon emission credits.

I rush to my good Prof. C More Books, self described as all knowing on religion, money, ETs and politics, etc. I shout. Is it possible to invent a money system based upon filth such as carbon credits under the notion of the Third Jerusalem? Would that be reason enough to drive Orthodox Christianity out of the Middle east? Does BIZWOG have plan? How will Moscow, Patriarch accept this when priority of church control of Jerusalem Property has always been Orthodox? The Prof sneers his all knowing expression of supremacy and says, ".Now you know why NATO is lusting for a march on Moscow."

Loco Lola says be sure and order pdf copies of both books for special offer of ten dollars for both books.