MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, May 01, 2011



The high God MOLOCH, origin of all pollutions, cause of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance is in high camp. World control through the reach of BIZWOG is almost complete. BIZWOG is the British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government. It controls the US of A like some kind of dark age middle eastern Caliphate. Read the book; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order.

Noise from the infernal machine reports the arrival of Cpl Duty First just back from his ride along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences, on his 1949, kick start, tank shift, Harley 61. Squinty in eye and clenched jaw suggest concern. Maybe he is just cold from the ride offers Emma of Kazabazua, know here as Loco Lola from her past life as Queen Juana the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican.

"The Commies are everywhere," he shouts. "The New Democratic Party movement in Canada is proof," he howls. Suddenly, as if for our confidence only, "it must be single payer health care for all Canadians and timely unemployment insurance at job loss and income supplement for the retired, he whispers. He seems blissfully unaware that these programs have been central to all Canadian political governments for over a half century.

Our good Prof C More Books looks upward to the ceiling as if seeking deliverance. He tries to suppress impatience as he explains. All modern countries with single payer health plans and generous unemployment and income for the aged now have higher wages, longer vacations and more job security compared to the US. They also have more stable industry policies and more success in peaceful trade relations, declares the Prof.

The Cpl snarls a response. Washington is paralyzed by the control network KDQN-word (K=Kikes, D=dikes,Q=queers and N=Nword) "Get rid of the 'control network KDQN-word' and 'Merika' will prosper again as a free country," he growls unaware of the power of BIZWOG and the essential role of the US of A as its puppet caliphate.

Emma, now in deep trance as Loco Lola, has a remote view of the Cpl's visit in Truth or Consequences. It explains his bad mood. Consuela, the pole dancer, has rediscovered her true love, Laredo the blade. The Cpl had to leave town in haste. Loredo was making knife gestures at the Harley tires. As is sometimes the case during deep trance, our office becomes still with an embracing coolness. Loco, in out of body travel, has just blessed the three NATO murdered grandchildren of Kaddaafi as they transit in spirit to the next life, sighs Loco Lola.

Always indifferent to the circumstances of others, Lee jon Billy Bob Boot, top US civil servant secret agent, only American in charge of security at the reconstruction of the Third Temple in Jerusalem, joins us. Loudly, with his usual ebullient rumble of greetings, he names each of us one at a time. He reminds us to call him Jack. This need for friendly name came to him during his leadership at Waco, Texas. There he lead the extermination cabal of FBI and military to burn alive 99 members and their children in the sanctuary of their church. It is probably not good to tell Jack Boot that it is the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange(mortgage swindle) finance, that he was satisfying by the holocaust of human sacrifice at Waco on that day.

He seems pleased about what he calls progress in Libya. The world cash reserves of the richest country with highest standard of living on the continent of Africa have been what Jack Boot calls "repoed." In Jack's mind there seems to be no difference between felony larceny and repossession. No one challenges Jack Boot in his definition of ownership. The Cpl is restless. The Prof arranges papers on his desk. Loco Lola becomes herself. With a ballet class pirouette, a gentle curtsy out some opera, she raise her scarf from around her neck to make a mock toreador cape gesture in front of Jack Boot. Jack Boot, secret agent, always alert to possible risk stiffens momentarily, then laughs. We all laugh too. It is good to see Jack Boot happy. Loco whispers to me, "he should read, MONEY:the 12th & FINAL RELIGION. It would really f-word-up his mind," she said devilishly.