MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Molock Market Swindlers, Fred & Fanny

WAR NEWS: Latest victory report. Helicopters rented from the Russians will supply Canadian bases. "Roads no longer useful" for truck and armored vehicle supply columns. The daily victory reports from Afghanistan sound similar to the WWII JOE GOEBBELS Eastern Front victory reports. Joe reported a NAZI victory every day until the Soviet tanks got to Berlin and blew his radio station to bits, says Our military expert, Cpl Duty First, MA, PhD,US Army, Retd. He sees an Autumn trap waiting like a time bomb for so called coalition and NATO liberators.

The Cpl claims deep knowledge of military matters and secrets. For example, at the height of his career when he first made Cpl, over 30 years ago, he was tasked with collecting and destroying all correspondence associated with the dismissal of General MacArthur by President Truman. It seems the General wanted to re segregate the Army into separate units for blacks and whites. The integrated Army had failed as an elite combat organization and probably would not be successful in battle by traditional US standards according to correspondence, says the Cpl. We suppress thoughts of Abu Ghrab and Gitmo and fragging in Viet nahm.

Memories of past personal military service flood the mind. Those long nights. Two male soldiers on outpost. Contrast with the new integrated, gender neutral Army. Think about it. Young male. Young female. Alone, out of sight. Press together to keep warm. Then what? Girl soldier with baby excused from duty. Boy soldier with "war" story. We think about dusting off the old Ike Jacket and reenlisting. Pass the physical and lie about age, again, get $90,000,00 cash bonus. Yikes! Think of the plus benefits.

We caution the Cpl about politically incorrect innuendo. He snaps. Wait until those poor Bastards come home. Brain boiled with amphetamines, sick with uranium poisoning. Wait until they see their babies with no eyes, bowels that won't stop. Many of the troops are already sick in ways beyond imagination. Now you know why the Homeland security gang of dual citizen Israelis is in place and airports are virtual gates to incarceration, he snarls. Its not about "Wog-terrorists". Its about control of the unrest that is expected from the returning and demobilized military, he shouts. The camps and the tunnels connecting military bases are all set, not for Wogs, but for mass incarceration of angry betrayed veterans. The Pentagon has it all figured out on how to protect themselves from their victims. He shouts.We snap back at him about his indifference to being politically correct.

The Cpl Has been unkind in creating this tense mood among our circle. We look to Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk. Maybe her world class deep trance channeling and remote viewing has some cheery news. She and Emmett, decoder of all known electronic signals seem to have been reluctant about including us in their studies lately. The rumor is that the cosmic and scientific spirits of money are mutating. The Biblical Molock, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, author of all pollutions is in crisis on earth plane, according to Loco Lola, the understudy of Wilma. SAY WHAT?

Loco Lola, aka Emma of Kazabazua, known in past life remote viewing as Queen Juana of Castile, first women Jesuit in 1555 Vatican, says for deeper knowledge we should read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. With that wisdom you might finally understand how money occurs and with that knowledge you could begin to understand how the Wall Street Apostles of the MOLOCK intend to convert your roads, water systems and bridges into a guaranteed income for themselves forever. We recoil. This is servitude, slavery, larceny, treason, we shout. She shushes us with a finger to her lips and a whisper of "where have you been, FOOL?"

Loco Lola whispers that the Wall Street (Molock) market system is in a terminal crisis. Confidence that was the basis of the swindle called globalism has turned to viceral hate and pulse racing FEAR among the once globalist players. Thousands of once self-proud powerful financial wizards and great merchants are now trapped in "frozen" markets. The surviving arrogant wizards of finance immediately need a fall back position. They need to get a mortgage on all physical assets in a country, especially the US. The Molock wizards of Wall Street must act before people figure out the swindle called globalism and begin to rise against the financial scam and its Congress and Political Parties that has cost them their Jobs, homes and standard of living, and if possible their country, offers quiet Loco Lola. This time we "shush" Loco with a gesture to our lips. She seems to be having thoughts not politically correct.

The Montreal Market Medium arrives uninvited and intervenes in favor of Loco. Look at the facts, he asserts in strong voice. The Freddie Mac-Fannie Mae swindle has already added 30% to your mortgage interest cost, he says. Without those two mortgage mongers creating immaginary asset paper to pay the Molockians of Wall Street big commissions, your mortgage would be held locally and securely at an interest rate 30% lower. All Fannie and Freddie did was raise your cost of home owner ship while they created bogus paper to flog all over the planet. Even your pension fund probably bought some of that crap, bellows the Montreal Market Medium. We cringe. Our circle has been uncautious with these types of outbursts. We wonder if political correctness might be failing as a mind control protocol.

Just in case Homeland Security was listening, maybe we should cover ourselves and tell Jack Boot, secret agent, our observation. He needs informers. He could alert The Pentagon NeoCons to have NASA at Huntsville put on overtime to find a more direct technique of public mind control and behavior modification. We could have some points in our favor with Jack Boot, secret agent US civil servant seconded to the great merchants for the security of their fortunes, and full time supplier of US government secrets to the BIZWOG, The British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government.

Read the book, Money: The 12th and Final Religion.