MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, October 01, 2009



The American public mind is powerless, offers Willard of Kazabazua. A lifetime seeker of Nazi War Criminals, Willard is disappointed that Americans could tolerate Nazi style abuse of power by their court system. He feels his noble quest could be tainted by the court charade to persecute the Demanychuk case. Twice acquited by supreme courts in two countries, the German courts, as puppets of American influence, are again trying an innocent man for war crimes.

Willard, close with Emma, known to previous blog readers as Loco Lola, can't believe so much of what is American policy in wars, economics and politics can come from a democratic participating people. The American people must be retarded to accept such goings-on by their government. They seem to miss the basic requirement of behavior as a mature civilized people. They can't even comprehend that health care is not a product to be portioned by insurance corporations in a market by money price. Unconditional help to the infirm, sick and injured is a universal social duty, he says. Loco tells him not to worry. Corporate mind control of the American mind has already failed. A Tsunamic size power struggle is about to disturb the powers, she says.

The Montreal Market Medium takes the opinions of Loco Lola very seriously. Although the Medium claims his own intuitive sources and denies listening to her, he has made some serious money from her reports. Loco thinks the Medium is a fraud. He couldn't even figure out that the only mortgage investment of consequence in the past decade was the GNMA. Clearly, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were pathetic swindles created by the cohort that put Bernie Madoff in charge as President of the NASDAQ. They made billions and Bernie takes the fall. Maybe that whole country is a corporate swindle, she thinks privately of the US economic stock market system?

Professor CMore Books is annoyed that Loco seems to be poaching in his territory of politics and finance. The Prof sees himself as all knowing in the areas of finance, politics, government and extra terrestrials. His recent work in sociology has revealed that without the mental lock of patriotism and company job/Corporate loyalty, the public mind of America could go out of control. Anything could happen. YIKES!

Loco Lola gets fun from annoying the Prof. Often she will arrive in a flurry of fabric with arm at half mast holding an empty 1930s Coco Chanel cigarette holder. She sits next to the Prof . Neither says a word. There is only her smile. The Prof is allergic to cigarette smoke and she knows it. Bitch!


The arrival of Cpl Duty First is signalled by the low rumble of a 1948 Indian Chief 74. This machine makes a different sound than the overhead valve engine of the 1949 Harley 61. The Chief is better for long distance, says the Cpl upon his return from along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences. The long ride gives him time to think, he says. The Prof is astonished at the prospect.

It seems the Cpl has been reviewing historical events. He says history begins on US election day, November, 1956. On that day the US Strategic Air Command B47s were over London just seconds away from dropping an atom bomb on the English city. Prime Minister Anthony "Tony" Eden was then ordered by the US President Ike to suspend all military operations in the Suez and to stop provoking revolution in Hungary. Tony Eden had choice. Refuse and be bombed or he could be bombed and order a retaliatory nuke strike on the US or submit. The stress of the situation caused a complete mental breakdown for Prime Minister Eden. He was quickly and quietly secreted away to a home in Jamaica. All London city and Tel Aviv economic and foreign policy since that date has been driven by the secret passion for retribution and revenge against the USA. Americans are totally oblivious to this political reality triggered on that date, muses the Cpl.

"Whats your point?", snarls the Prof. barely civil to the Cpl. "The point is that the revenge of London city is about to be accomplished," says the Cpl. The extermination of the US dollar as a reserve currency is at hand. The London/Tel Aviv manipulated revenge is underway to determine how the dollar is going to be replaced. This revenge has to be accomplished within the lifetime of those personally aware of the atomic terror threat on their power. They expect to make a lot of money. It is a four way game at this moment between the Euro, the Yen, the British pound or the Ruble. The Prof lurches to his feet shouting about the Ruble. He seems troubled by the inclusion of such a money as a reserve currency. The Cpl grins deviously. "It will a gold backed Ruble," he says. The Prof is gesturing, speechless. His arms flop up and down as if he was to fly away.

Loco Lola has slipped into deep trance contact in the spirit world. She is muttering something about Moscow The Third Rome. The Prof has recovered somewhat. It had never occur to him in his book reading that the Religion in play was Money, the 12th and final religion. The Cpl tells the Prof to read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION by RDuaneWilling. Thanks Cpl. I can use the sales. R Duane Willing.