MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Cpl Duty First, astride his 1949 Harley 61, is just back from his daily ride along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences. He is perplexed.

How could US Army Commanders at Fort Hood, Texas not know the status of the Major that killed 13 and wounded scores of fellow soldiers? First, it was reported that the Major had been shot dead in the act. Then, after about eight hours, it was reported that the Major was alive but wounded. Finally, the Cpl declares that the delay of eight hours of top Generals not knowing that the Major was still alive speaks to command incompetence or mystery.

We find our Cpl is judgemental. He always sees evidence of military incompetence. The concept of Army as a family of happy couples joining while young in order to have health care for their babies contradicts his basic ethos of ruthless warrior, he says. Such a multitude of "feel good" multicultural diversity could easily malfunction in such a crisis, expects the Cpl.

Emma of Kazabazua, disturbed by motorcycle noise during her deep trance channeling contact with Loco Lola, the first woman Jesuit of the 1555 Vatican, conceals her disdain for the Cpl and his machine.

She thinks the Cpl misses the point, as usual. He simply has no capacity to see a top secret operation almost being exposed in this tragic event. Loco perceives the eight hour delay as evidence of panic in high chambers of mind control and behavior modification. How could one of their own go so terribly wrong so fast? Obviously, Loco thinks the Major was a secret agent functioning in mind control of soldiers at Fort Hood.

The intellectual Golem that make up the Frankenstein mind control cohort from NASA, Huntsville, etc, that use chemicals and mind control protocols to alter soldier thought is an offense to the Cosmos, she thinks. It appears that Loco Lola perceives the Major as a victim. The contradiction between his Muslim spiritual values and his military assignment to use chemicals and mind control protocols on unsuspecting soldiers resulted in a complete breakdown. The generals must be in a panic. How many more agents are on the brink of possible breakdown has to be the dominant question surging through the halls of Huntsville, Pentagon and BIZWOG. Was it just a bad batch of chemicals or is there another factor? These must be terrifying questions for the agents of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government), that infect the country often called America. Can this be the explanation for the delay of almost eight hours? We dare not ask.


Parties are supposed to be a time of enjoyment. A time to set aside differences. It seems that Emmett has crossed the line of good taste. He concocted a costume to represent President O bama that offended Wilma. The mask with the big grin was enough, but the 20# watermelon
with the sign that said "President Buckwheat special" as just too politically uncorrect. Further he had crafted a sign attached to his shoes and pant leg with arrows pointing in various directions that said DARPA, HAARP and ELF. Wilma insisted he get rid of the watermelon and the signs on his shoes.

Emmett was annoyed but agreed to change if Wilma would go to the party as "Missing Time". Voices were raised opinions were shouted and the party spirit was diminished. Wilma is very reticent about any discussion or display of her intuitive skills and ET contacts. Emmett says he will adjust his costume if Wilma will explain "Missing Time". It annoys Emmett that during ET contact, Wilma can induce an hypnotic amnesia on Emmett and others that not only disconnects knowledge of the ET contact, but awareness of time is also suspended. Further, she can also suppress the ability to ask questions if one becomes vaguely aware about lost time.

Wilma says the Emmett is unreasonable, and she is going to Kazabazua to party with Loco Lola. Emmett has to cancel the party because of intense code and cipher activity that requires immediate work. The global consciousness studies are predicting major events on the horizon. He thinks these are financial market centered and possibly related to the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.