MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Saturday, June 02, 2012


Precursor Follow up.
Last month our circle noticed that social-political unrest in Montreal was spreading through out the Province. This month there is support rising across Canada and already present in Europe. The cause of this unrest by student-unemployed, parents-unemployed and workers on strike to protect pensions and wages can be described in one word. "AUSTERITY".

We know that austerity is good for those who already have pay, positions and pension eligibility. We also know that Austerity is disaster for those who don't have pay, position or pension prospects The veil has lifted, but so far the media is silent. The prospect that the end of the era of central bank international stock exchange finance has morphed into the age of the impossible is not reported.

Loco Lola, says it is also prophetic that it should happen simultaneously in Greece, cradle of Eastern Orthodoxy and in Quebec with deep roots in Western Catholicism. Emma of Kazabazua, just North of Ottawa, gets like this when she drifts into her past life as Queen Juana of Castile the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. They called her Loco Lola.

Understanding Impossible
Our Prof C More Books says it is a collective denial on the part of the ruling Bourgeoisie, "Booghie" for short. The Booghie cohort has a vision of life as a pattern of events measured in money terms of pay, position and finally pensions. The non-Booghie cohort, now representing at least 40% of work capable population, up from about 12% during the Reagan-Mulrumey period,
no longer has living pay, steady position or pension possibilities on the life radar.

The arrival of this circumstance should not be a surprise, offers the Prof. "We have known since "Soddy" in 1913 that the free-trade, national debt, central bank system paid by income tax was only good for about a century." Then it would become "impossible," sighs the Prof. Unfortunately we do not have a working model to describe "impossible," he chuckles sort of sadistically. He, self described as all-knowing on finance, politics, economies, religions and ETs, barely conceals his resentment at being unwelcome in the high circles of Academia.

Tension Rising
Quite typically, the Booghie cohort in Parliament in Quebec City, quite comfortable in pay, position and pension does not see the situation. The student, crying out in deep but misguided faith in the "system" expected a favorable "democratic" reaction to their demand for no tuition hike. The Booghies insulted by the inference that they did not understand economic conditions and needs responded with an insult in kind.

A law number 78 was passed that effectively criminalized questioning of the learned of Parliament. The upshot is that the unrest is no longer a matter of tution, but has become a matter of human justice for the have nots in the face of Booghie powerful in their security of pay, position and pension. The tension between the have nots of pay, position and pension and those who have is perfectly described in the disciplined ranks of uniformed police. Periodically these disciplined ranks, made secure in the "system" by pay, position and pension select from the boogie, have collected demonstrators for mass arrest.

Loco Lola says the circumstances that create the era of "impossible" is now known. She says read THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order. The Prof says to read
book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

According to modern MBA programs as they train for superior management positions, people ie workers, are a cost, an expense to be minimized. Fewer workers can translate into higher stock price if outsourcing and downsizing done with cunning and verve. Bonuses are awarded.

Loco speaks again from deep trance. "It is prophecied that the corporation, a sort of Gholem, has been mistakenly called a person. The theory of pensions provided by stock exchange (swindle) finance will soon be seen as a concept too absurd to be considered serious thought." She is most outrageous when she says that work can no longer provide life supporting incomes. YIKES!
Screen memory of me riding Cpl Duty First's 1949 tank shift, suicide clutch,Harley 61 along the great divide just South of Truth or Consequences blocks the rest of Loco's prophecy. A screen memory is imposed during an ET contact to obscure the real event, offers Loco.

AMEN, Thanks Rduanewilling