MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, February 13, 2014



Deception is the most important thing to understand in negotiations political or otherwise. The highest accomplishment of any negotiation is to be esteemed and defended by your victim. “One should remind Christian Zionists and Anglophiles in the US of this truism. They are being deceived  by their Anglo-Hebraic manipulators of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government),” says deep trance medium and remote viewer Emma of Kazabazua, small town north of Ottawa. She has been reading the book “THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG: The Final World Order. Order from this web site, she says.

Speaking to us from her past life as Queen Juana of Castile, she was the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican. The Holy See was unkind. They called her Loco Lola. Often in touch with ETs, she tells about how the US has become test bed for massive public deception. The mind control programs continue to evolve. Corporate America is financing study of artificial telepathy. It is to be the ultimate means of market shopper control. “The power of the ETs is in their use of telepathy to read and control thoughts,” she reports. Corporate America is nearly heart sick with envy.

Loco for her own amusement has been remote viewing what is reported as history of WWII in Europe. The popular reports of casualties and scientific achievements differ greatly from her findings. She is studying the contradictions. For example her remote viewing findings agree with the Red Cross reports 173,000 deaths from all causes in the concentration camps, but popular history is reporting 6,000,000 Jews as lost in the camps. Loco is perplexed by the contradiction. Failure to maintain health of camp inmates was a court martial offense for any SS commandant who was careless with the Nazi asset of camp labor.

Very little has been reported about the need for workers in the Third Reich. In many respects the onset of WWII could not have come at a worse time for Germany. This was a time when there was no unemployment. Thus there was no surplus labor for manufacturing to support the armies and mobilization. At the beginning in 1940 before the war, there was a labor shortage of some 500,000 workers in Germany.

Farm food production was in danger because farmers were leaving to work in factories. The jet plane Mesershmit 262 production was suspended for two years because Hitler decided making milking machines for farmers was more urgent than the jet fighter in 1941.

The labor shortfall of 1940 was based upon immediate needs of peacetime civilian consumer goods production which was growing rapidly. All were needed for productive work. Anyone shirking available work was regarded as “work shy” and sent to camps for discipline and training to become workers in the new Reich. The herald of “Arbeit Macht Frei”, (“work will make you free”), greeted all new inmates arriving at the camps for processing. Initially this was true. Very few stayed longer than a few months before discharge into civilian work force.

The war production labor needs for the German economy had not been calculated. On the other hand, the US and allies had labor unemployment rates in range of 25% of war age assets. In terms of manufacturing capacity, the US manufactured more aircraft and vehicles in one year of depression than Germany had in the ten previous years.

Loco Lola has asked her mentor Wilma, world premier deep channeling psychic reader, to ask Emmett, world senior decoder of all electronic signals, both in Tuktoyaktuk, about searching data bases for information to authenticate Loco’s findings in remote viewing. Also Loco cannot find evidence of a systematic organization or structure for the pursuit of war or manufacturing production in Germany. Compared to absence of preparations in Germany the US and allies that had very complete organization and war plans in place as early as 1937. Germany was in a state of naïve chaos.

It was the existence of the concentration camps, first organized to deal with political dissidents and work shy civilians that suddenly expanded to provide the needed labor. Originally organized to discipline and motivate persons who intentionally opposed the Nazi system and avoided productive work, the concentration camps were rapidly reorganized to fill war production needs.

As result of success in Polish campaign and early in Russia, the camp system expanded with 100s of thousands of prisoners of war. Continuing Gestapo security round ups in Germany and occupied territories added more inmates such that the camp populations were arrayed as predominantly Russian, and Poles followed by Greeks, Dutch, Austrians, Germans and French. The absence of mention of Jews in immediate post WWII literature suggests an astonishing minimum Jew presence in the camps compared to the Holocaust saga of 6,000,000 that surfaced shortly after the assassination of US president Kennedy.

The urgency of need for war production from the concentration camps can be deduced from the fact the camp area in Poland was not under the occupation governor but was directly under the Arbeits Bericht office in Berlin. Loco says this office, not noticed in official history of WWII, was charged with disbursing the labor to needed locations and operating various manufacturing sites. She says without the urgent manufacture of winter clothes and equipment the SS would have frozen and perished in Russia in winter of 41-42. The role of the Arbeits Bericht in concentration camp war production seems unknown because of inability of scholars to question the Anglo-Hebraic saga called the Holocaust, says Loco Lola.

The continuing swamp of contradictions that surround WWII history is compounded by the intellectual obscenity of law that forbids questioning opinion on risk of arrest. It is a jail sentence for anyone to question or challenge the Anglo-Judaic notion of Holocaust. To think that Americans as champions of free speech and opinion would tolerate this law as the outcome of a war waged to ostensibly be liberating a people is morally grotesque, says Loco. Something else was and is afoot, she says.

 Wilma and Emmett in Tuktoyaktuk call with an urgent finding. Auschwitz and other camps in Arbeits Bericht were essential as controlled low cost labor sources for Corporate Germany. In point of fact the Germans had accidently discovered the ideal relation of work force to corporate needs. No limits on corporate control of hours, working conditions, pensions, wages,etc. Management had a free hand.

It is now obvious to management officers of the WW II victors that the concept of human resources has a hidden meaning. Use state police power to put people in camps and then you can totally control that cost called labor. “Just think about the possibilities of the 100,000 stainless steel boxcars with 148 pasengers per car manacled to the floor and stainless steel benches. Add in the expanding network of so-called FEMA camps to receive the cars and house the inmates and voila. You have the Arbeits Bericht,” howls Loco Lola.

An acquaintance, Cliff Hanger, big budget man at the Old Executive office Building at the White house in Washington calls to tell about his brain wave for balancing the budget. Use labor from FEMA camps to meet pentagon production needs. It could save billions. Clifford thinks we don’t know that he got that idea from an NSA tap on our communications and listening to bugs on our conversations. Loco thinks Cliff Hanger expects to get an executive incentive cash bonus and presidential citation for his suggestion.