MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


The great mystery of money is hidden in plain sight. IT is a Religion just like your home grown or TV inspired conversion or revelation. The difference is that the God of Money as a Religion is not discussed anywhere by name. Although you recall that the head of brokerage house Goldman Sachs disappeared for several days. When back he explained that he had been away "on God's business." There you have it. Money is the purpose of  Goldman Sachs and its chief went away to commune with its god. The issue of the day was the great market crash of 2008.

It is obvious that top financial persons have a special insight on money that prevents them from misunderstanding money. My advisor and deep trance channeling medium, Loco Lola whispers about their God, the Moloch as reported in the book MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. The paranormal origin of the Moloch is the same as any other God of any other religion. The comparison can be seen in the objective of this universal god of money. By the way money is the only universal religion now on earth plane.

The objective of the God Moloch is to conquer the entire surface of the world extinguishing once and for all the possibility of independent thought. There is talk of a new world order. Further remember that the Moloch, God of money is a universal power that can neither pardon nor forgive. This distinguishes Moloch from your god that can bring forgiveness and salvation and ultimate meaning in you life. The god of money would have you thinking that money can bring you ultimate meaning.

The overwhelming fiction of money is that is has to be borrowed at interest and the interest has to be paid with income taxes. This of course is the accepted dogma of the hidden god Moloch. It is believed in such intensity by the money brokers of the world that they will kill to enforce this belief. World wars are an example of wars to protect the religion of money with its perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance. Any challenge to the religion of money by persons or parties is invitation to violence.

The challenge is to intellectually reject the dogma that money has to be borrowed at interest. Then there is no continuing need for national debt or income tax. Admittedly these are giant emotional steps, but intellectually not much more that dismissing the idea of tooth fairy or santa claus.

It is scary to discover that a life time of rigour in learning about rates of interest and related calculations is in reality a worship form in the dogma of a contrary god, Moloch. This epiphany requires hard decisions.

For example; why should there be people in your community without necessaries of life because they are stupid on calculating the arithmetic of the Moloch? Who would impose such punishment? Aha! You already know. The hidden moneys and  god Moloch has apostles all around. They form in brigades and battalions of banks and corporations. Each of these takes it meaning from your belief that money must be borrowed at interest. The borrowed debt hangs like a threat over life itself with the  menace of repayment. If money debt was repaid all the money would disappear. Check this out. In other words the high god Moloch and disciples of finance have created a fiction for your mind.

Loco Lola says you should rush to your temple or tabernacle and pray about it.