MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, June 02, 2015


It is seldom spoken but could be true. Today’s banking system has a limited life cycle. It can last about 100 years. It was designed in its now declared perfection about a century ago with the founding of the Federal Reserve System of the USA in 1913. At that time observer, Frederic Soddy, PhD, Nobel Laureate, pointed out that the system of debt based, free trade, income tax paid national finance would last about a century. Then what he called the Anglo Hebraic system would become impossible.

Here in 2015 we find the central banking model has just passed its century anniversary. It is agreed that problems exist but no one is seeing impossibility, what ever that is? It seems, if there is a blemish in the system, it is because all nations are not yet in a central bank mode of national finance.

There are differences. Islam of course has a totally different idea than the Anglo Hebraic central bank system about interest and debt. The financial vaporings of the central bank system of Adolph Hitler was subsumed under the Holocaust of NAZI defeat of WWII. We shall call that NAZI banking system Orthodox Teutonic for want of any other description.

Therefore we have in contemporary global experience three basic banking systems, not counting of course  failed communism. There is the predominant system we call Anglo-Hebraic, centered in NY and London. Then there is the system of Islam once nascent in now destroyed Baghdad and Libya. Finally we have the experience of the National socialist banking of Adolph Hitler. His was, by declaration, a complete repudiation of the Anglo-Hebraic model. He referred to Anglo Hebraic banking as the infection of international stock exchange finance.

In fact it is difficult to separate central bank debt based, free trade, money systems from international stock exchange finance. One feeds upon the other like mutually supporting infection. The central bank system accepts the idea of a national credit and then gives the nation its own credit as a form of loan at interest. We tend to call this loan money. Income tax guarantees the interest regardless of economic conditions. Free trade supports corporate capital shares by lowering wage costs.

The international stock exchange is based upon the idea, from the era of slave ship cargo shares, that ownership in a corporation, called equity, can be sold in shares. These can be traded in share transactions on the stock exchange. Theoretically the desired share price is listed as offered and a counter offer is noted as a bid to purchase.

The money to finance the supply of equity stocks held by the exchange is provided by bank loans. In addition to the stocks held by the public, the exchange keeps a supply in order to smooth fluctuations in prices, they say.  The money of the stock exchange is of a bank loan that requires it be renewed frequently at the whim of the banks. These banks are members of the central banking system. Obviously the safety of the stock market prices is a function of banking system loan support.

The mind confusing two step is that the more the commercial banks take loans from the central bank, the more money the borrowing commercial bank has. (Remember the central bank is creating money from thin air ie the national credit.) This borrowed money is commercial bank capital to support loans to stock exchange brokers to support stock prices. Thus we learn that all money as created by loans has a direct connection, as alleged by Adolph Hitler, between central banking systems and international stock exchange finance.

The historical fact seems to be that any country with a banking system that challenges the Anglo Hebraic system is to be destroyed. The fire bombings of WWII followed by years of death camp propaganda obscure any real knowledge of NAZI German banking system. Modern weapons further simplify power. Currently, the use of smart bomb threats against banking officers is enough to sustain the Anglo Hebraic central banking system dominance. Any banker plotting against Anglo-Hebraic banking powers can disappear in a blinding flash of a smart bomb fluttering through his window.

The Hitler opposition to the Anglo Hebraic system seems to come from a dispute about priorities. It can be seen as differences in political world view. The Anglo Hebraic view finds that the most important principal of economics and banking is that people exist for trade and finance. People are incidental even secondary to the process of making central bank debt and international stock exchange capital secure. Capital comes first.

The Orthodox Teutonic banking system reverses this principal by making the national capital exist for trade and industry and trade and industry exist for the standard of living and lively hood of the people. “In other words the people come first,” Adolph Hitler.

Hitler’s refusal to submit Germany to Anglo Hebraic financial  dominance can be seen as the primary driving force of WWII. It explains the bizarre alliance between godless communism and god fearing expression of the Anglo Hebraic allies. It gives purpose to the attempt to exterminate the entire German people by the Holocaust of continuous days of fire bombings.
The German peoples belief in subordinating capital and interest to the needs of the people rather than international stock exchange finance was obviously terrifying to the Anglo Hebraic bankers. The spiritual war mobilization to exterminate German people for their belief was not seen again until the people of Iraq and Libya were exposed to equivalent waves of  bombing.

At what point in this continuing episode of genocide can we see how international stock exchange central banking can become impossible? What are the factors that can succeed against weapons and technology that has instant knowledge of all that is necessary to know to support central bank authority world wide?

I pose this question to my advisor and medium Loco Lola, the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. She is sharp with me for using open electronic circuits.  In the face of global surveillance and NSA killer cohorts seeking to silence opposition, I must request in writing by snail mail hand delivered by a relay of friends. She says use code words from books MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and The AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) The final world order. (Both books are available in pdf down load format for $10.00 dollars. See order page on web site; Money the 12th and Final Religion)

Thanks  R Duane Willing