MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, February 02, 2016



Bolshevik Bernie vs Dollars Donald
There is a political campaign in “MURIKA”.  The fix is in. Iowa prevails as the stooge state in the cartoon nation.  Either the swindle is obvious or the Marketing research of polling has failed catastrophically. The probability of a skilled polling company being off by double digit percentages as demonstrated between Trump and Cruz is very unlikely. Conchita the pole dancer says “Impossible.”

 The two candidates who were attracting most TV coverage are economic opposites. One, we call Bernie the Bolshevik because of his program for generous social well being. Medicare for all. He seems quite popular. The other we call dollars Donald because he has so much self made money he needs no help to finance his campaign. He is not generous about benefits especially to illegal immigrants. He too seems quite popular.

The existence of these two non party line candidates speaks to rebellion. The polls of voters indicated the choices offered by the party elite were undesirable. Neither of the main line political parties either Republican or Democrat seemed able to advance their preferred candidate. The original offering of either the Clinton or Bush persons seemed to have failed. Some said it is Clinton and Bush fatigue. Others were repelled at the thought of dynasties. The polling data failed. Elite selected candidates prevail.

This record from previous administrations with their scandals and brute wars and prisons and puppet obedience to special interests was voter antipathy. Further there is growing talk about too close a connection with Jews in government. They are too close to the treasury and the white house and the Pentagon. Main line politicians are now understood to be talking about Israel when they say “Our country.” This is especially true when defense spending is the topic and the politician or bureaucrat is a dual national US-Israeli citizen. My pen trembles at this prospect of being accused anti Semite.

Conchita; Pole dancer
Psychological tension calls for a release. The Pole dancing of Concihta at  the Cantina on the four lane just South of Truth or Consequences is the primary distraction for those in the know. A clientele of hard rock miners, over the road truckers and occasional dirty shirt motorcycle guys spends time and money. They lust for the untouchable Conchita.

My conscience troubles me upon entry. Will I be recognized as owner of a pen possibly accused as anti semite? What if they knew my craft in blogger world, would I be at risk? A dirty shirt, dirty boots and a smear of octane on my leather jacket makes me feel invisible. Everyone is indifferent. Except for a duo of bar patrons in competition breaking wind for maximum audio effect, everyone else is self absorbed.

What would customers think if I let it be known that Conchita is the youngest ever dual doctorate from premier universities with PhD in both the Para normal and Psychological neuro science? Conchita in mid dance waves recognition to me. Everyone looks at me. I am perspiring, too nervous to take off my tasseled all weather Harley jacket, white squadron scarf and Messerschmidt goggles high on my sheepskin B17 bomber helmet. She stops shortly to join me at my table. My pulse is rapid, palms moist, every eye in the place sees me with Conchita. Impostor, I don’t even own a Harley. I am terrified of possible outcomes. Today was a skip meds day. Never again, I promise God.

Conchita welcomes me with offered hand and makes a Marxist academic insider comment about me now being in the twilight of the contradiction between labor and capital. Before I can gather a response she says, “ The contradiction is not between labor and capital it is between capital and money.” I nod to agree. We have had this discussion before. She learns quickly, almost like magic. People are labor, things are capital and money is credit the faith and trust of a people in circulation, she declares. Couldn’t have said it better myself. She reads book; MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The failure to distinguish between capital and labor as measured in money price obscures the role of credit as the driving force. It is credit money itself that makes the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle possible. The confusion occurs because the shared credit among a people is generally monopolized by banks, she reports. I interrupt. Speaking of Bolsheviks, what does she think of presidential candidates Bolshevik Bernie and Dollars Donald.

Conchita delights in political discussion. She has already discussed the candidates with Loco Lola the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican. Loco says a swindle is planned for the democratic convention. Bolshevik Bernie will be some few vote shy of a nomination. The hung convention after some 100 hours of dissent will take a snap vote and vice President Biden will become the party nominee. Bernie the Bolshevik will concede in favor in exchange for medicare for all. Otherwise you can be sure that Bernie is the agent of influence in a controlled opposition. Probably Israeli, she says. I feel my pen tremble at her observation.

Loco has difficulty forecasting for whom she calls PT Barnum. Dollars Donald was without a doubt PT Barnum in his past life, she says. She says the republicans will attempt a convention hang up just like the democrats but it might not work because in his day PT Barnum would anticipate such a move and act accordingly to destroy the Texas dynasty potential by taking control of the Republican party..

None the less there is possibility that the Hollywood stereo type that controls the national psyche through the movie little rascals that gave us Pres. Buckwheat might still be in effect.  This would see fatty Arbuckle  materialize in the candidate Gov Christie for Republican nomination. Loco says read books THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE OF BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) and MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION.