MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Doctor C Questor, Economist and Cliff Hanger MBA, are at loose ends. Their life work in tax and budgets for Buckwheat's White House seems to be going no where. Every opportunity for a decisive meeting comes to naught. Attendance is low and decisions get postponed. It is hard to believe that the US reputed as the super power of the world has not had a budget for more than three years. The situation seems impossible.

No one will acknowledge that International Stock Exchange Finance is operating as fore casted 100 years ago. The Moloch. god of money, was interpreted as declaring that perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle systems of government finance would function for about a century. Then these systems would become impossible. Things are further blurred with the Mayan Prophecy that this will be the time of the "end of the age of the word of God and tools will rebel against their user es." There is no telling the name of the God or the word and how will the tool revolt be recognized, offers our good friend Emma, now in deep channel contact with her past life as Loco lola , the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican.

The good Prof C More Books ignores Loco Lola, but finds dark humor in the despair of C. Questor and Cliff Hanger. All knowing by his own lights on matters of Economics, Finance, Religions and ETs, the Prof has unkind thoughts about Cliff and C Questor. He thinks their work is just smoke and mirrors of self serving Washington consultants. Cliff Hanger spends too much time trying to be one with the people. Dr. C Questor is a total air bag of Anglo-Hebraic Gasses called economic theories, according to the prof.

Almost as if called from spirit, Mogen Dildo, MOSSAD senior spy agent in North America and CEO of the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People enters unannounced and uninvited. He has heard through MOSSAD circuits that Dr. C Questor and Cliff Hanger, MBA are "getting soft" on benefits for Israel. They may not understand that the purpose of government in Washington is to provide for Israel. After all, the master plan of a world order requires supremacy of his people over all others. Mogen sighs a quiet Heil Israel benediction to himself.

The orders from BIZWOG  (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) Headquarters in the subterranean Canadian Parliament chambers of the East India Secretariat of MI-6, a bureaucratic after image of the long expired world conquering East India Company are clear. Mogen Dildo must assure that Cliff and C. Questor do not have forbidden books that they have been warned against ; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG, The Final World Order.

It seems that a companion book must also be avoided by Cliff Hanger and Dr. C Questor. This book; MONEY The 12th and FINAL RELIGION unveils the Bible Exodus saga as cover story for  a Felony Larceny that becomes the basis for Semite religions of all persuasions. In addition to the origin of money swindle by the felony larceny of the Ihbru people borrowing all the gold and silver of the Egyptians under false pretense and hiding the loot on children in order to skip town undetected, there is the invention of  the tablets in the Ark of the Tabernacle. Any careful reading can easily grasp that the tablets are about money and about how to calculate interest/usury while the tribe does a form of push cart loan sharking from the mobile tabernacle along the trade routes of that time. These books cannot be allowed near the Capitol staff involved in policy, sighs Mogen again whispering his benediction, Heil Israel. He reinforces his resolve with a mental note of the creed of his people. "All is not enough."

Things are not calm here in the Bureau of the Prof. There is noise adjacent reporting that the Montreal Market Medium, all knowing on market and finance and globalism, is again lumbering his way through the chairs of  the conference room to the office. The medium seems to be shouting about Euros and Cyprus and banks and haircuts as larceny. Mogen seems pleased to meet the Medium again. At last meeting they shared notions about the construction of the Third temple and how that would be the central bank for the founding of the new world order and signify a time for Messiahs, both returning and first timers. Mogen did not yet know it is not good to share ideas with the medium late after a long lunch.

The subject of banks skimming the accounts of persons for corporate gain as in Cyprus took command. The medium finds such skimming a logical consequence of bankster thought. In these times of diminishing loan activity because people are no longer eligible to meet new criteria for loans, the banks must act to show income, he says. The bank account is a bank liability to the depositor. It is miss belief to think of a bank as safekeeping. They are income dependent entities. They need loans that get paid by borrowers. Without borrowers loans are not made and income drops. Therefore, in order to get income they skim the deposits for desired money which is a form of preemptive lending, if you must know, he grins with a booze addled squint.

He continues. The upshot is that somehow money must now be put into circulation that is independent of credit. Money is credit in circulation. Without credit and borrowing there is no money. Consequently all this Cliff Hanger and C Questor babble about debt reduction is speaking to a century past. That thinking is impossible now, he bellows with waves of double Martini breath.

What is needed now in a global consumer driven society is more money ie more debt not less, he hoots. Further, he comes into full song. Work is no longer able to provide incomes. There must be some way to ration work or to provide incomes not work related. He is nearly singing now with what sounded at first like Rule Britannia or Deutchland Uber Alles, but he said was a Gene Autry ballad, "Back in the Saddle Again."