MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, December 14, 2007


Welcome and merry thoughts to all those Politically Correct Populists who havent yet lost their shirts to stock market razzle dazzlers. Populism is the unconditional rejection of the nonsense commonly called national debts, money at interest and income taxes to pay the interest on the so-called national debt.

Much is not being said about the new structures of the financial markets. For example:
1 The corporate and mortgage paper that infects about 30% of your favorite mutual fund and pension does not reflect the liabilities associated with that paper.
2 Yikes, how is it possible to issue financial reports or paper without including the liabilities of the company?
3 Answer. Lie! just tell lies about the quality of your issuance.
4.Double Yikes! This means that an horendous percentage of paper issued since the BUSH/Ken Lay mob set the example in 1999 may not even be useful as toilet paper.(modern securities exist as digits in some computer-not useful otherwise)

Further, In addition to the BIG LIE in terms of the quality of the paper, there is the humungous lie about the virtues of globalism and free trade.
The offshore/outsourcing circus of the great merchants, ie Wal Mart etc, living off the value of the US dollar is about to end. Even Israel and Egypt cooperated in August '07 to insist that future foreign aid from the US be paid in Euros.