MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, May 06, 2013


Our good Prof C More Books thinks he has gone insane. He just discovered that the economic theory for recovery from the 2008 financial crash is called Expansionist Austerity by Academic and government powers.

The contradiction described in the two words expansion and austerity is absolute. The mind recognizes without guidance that hot is not cold and vice versa. Expansion refers to more while austerity speaks to less. End of discussion.

Our agitated Prof finds the high powers of economics and finance mocking all us lesser beings with non sense phrases. He says the outcome of this word sham is just more money for the perpetrators of the felony larceny that characterizes the financial swindle that comprised the 2008 crash. Read MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION and THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The Final World Order recommends the prof. He says it clears your mind for greater thoughts.

He says that we are seeing a continuation of the swindle rather than a resolution of the financial problems. Just look at the bonus amounts going to
bankers of essentially failed institutions. They are plundering the funds as a last resort to abandoning the fraud known as hedge funding, mortgage lending and brokerage in the domain of international stock exchange (swindle) finance. The Prof is in a bad mood today, says Emma as she mince steps her way into the office wafting clouds of Chanel #5.

Rapidly morphing into her past life persona as the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican, where they called her Loco Lola, Emma presses closely to comfort the Prof. Now in full Loco Lola intuitive mode, Loco, remote viewing the future says the contradiction between Expansionist and Austerity is making a prophetic statement. The 2000 year epoch of Usury and capital ruling the human condition has expired.

Loco says the fraud of stock exchange shares as ownership in a corporation must now give way to the notion of Beneficial Interest. This case is where only the founders and builders and employees of a company have an interest. All others can only be bystanders to the company. Instead of dividends, there would by a sharing of profits by a form of wager. A form of lottery. Non beneficial interest in the company could bet that the amount of profit would be a certain amount and get paid if correct. This model has been successful at horse betting tracks. Some time we wonder about Loco.

We scoff. Loco gets more self assured to say that the epoch of international stock exchange finance ruling the human condition is finished. From now on it is capital that must serve people. The prof is now on his feet shouting. “That is Hitlerism”. “So what. It worked,” she says shrugging.

Unfortunately the dumb Nazis never understood they were in a world war until the Goebbels speech of 1943. Then it was too late to try and mobilize the economy for total war. In fact, Hitler was so detached from war production reality and in favor of domestic civilian economy, he cancelled the continuing production of the ME 262 in the fall of 1940 in favor of making milking machines.” Where does Loco get this information, except by remote viewing, we wonder.

Loco says the transition from capital dominating people to capital as servant of people can be an easy democratic process. She is citing the election in Germany of 1933. Although condemned by international Jewry, the economic transition was miraculous. Poverty and despair vanished into a nation of environmentally safe full employment within a matter of a few months. Contrary to New York propaganda opinion, war materials were a smaller percent of the GNP than any of the so-called allied powers at that time. “So the model exists for economic well being, but International stock exchange interests will block the progress as long as possible,” she says. We are thunder struck by the proposition.

A call from Emmett in Tuktoyaktuk in the Yukon on the Arctic Sea offers that the secret basis for Nazi economic theory is in a text created by a Dr Wagener, who was a confidant of Adolph Hitler. The economic plan was so dynamic and creative than it was declared secret, and not permitted distributed except to those designated by Hitler’s personal approval.

As world leading decoder of all ciphers and file systems, Emmet is surprised that the occupation powers in Germany after WWII do not seem to have the plan or have suppressed the plan from public release. He is looking for “Das Wirtchafts Programm der NSDAP.” Written by DR Otto Wagner, head of the economic office of the Brown Shirts, this was printed in a small pamphlet for the Party policy 1931/32, a year before coming into office. Thanks Emmett, Maybe Wilma, his main squeeze and world leading medium and remote viewer can help Loco Lola find this missing pamphlet.