MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Popular belief was that stock market investment concerned the future. The markets were supposed to have some kind of Mojo that was superior to money in the bank or under the mattress. The elders of past generations warned against belief in a "market mojo". They said stock markets resulted in depressions. "YIKES! We should have listened. They were right!," bellows Willard of Kazabazua, with attributes close to perfection as a neighbor.

A man of thousands of masses and miles of Rosary and ever alert for Nazi war criminals, Willard is thinking of changing his focus to concentrate on wallstreet and their connection to the Buckfush administration and global hedge funds as the new crime cabal.

Willard tells about a swindle called Ponzi. Sixty years ago, a guy said he had a supply of Chevy cars that nobody else had because of wartime shortages. If you paid in advance and he couldn't get you a car he would refund your money with 10% interest. He collected some money and paid money back as agreed. Then even more people gave Mr. Ponzi even more money. Eventually he owed more money for immediate refunds than he was able to take in. YIKES!

It is obvious from this that nothing has changed in capitalism since the begining when the Pope and the King of France discovered they were being "Ponzied" by the Knights Templar.

Willard says that stock market investment is now and can never be more than fraud. The swindle of the trusting wage workers is perpetrated by the ever present cabal of the Privleged, Informed and Gifted (PIG) elite. Their minds become infected with the belief that money can actually grow merely with the passing of earth time. No air, no earth, no water, no sunlight required. Their religion is explained in the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. "The PIG elite wave the flag and use patriotism and war to conceal the reality that wall street stocks and insurance companies for profit are just forms of common larceny," he says.

We recoil in shock at this possible hateful insult to our stock market and insurance purchasing beliefs of the past fifty years. We caution Willard about the new thought called "Politically corectness." He said bad things using an "F" word about ourselves. Maybe if he could find some Nazi war criminals he would feel better.

Today much is being said about the swindle by a certain Bernie who made off with peoples money much like Mr. Ponzi did with his Chevy buying trick. But Wait! Bernie had been paying 10-15% per year return for over twenty years. HOLY MOLY. That is to say, if you put your seven figure shekels with Bernie twenty years ago you have made at least double your money in income. SHAZAM! Such a deal! That is probably more than paid by the Dow index in that same period.

A case could be made, given the values of the stock indices, that Bernie was just an outcome of stock market investing. After all, the elders of the past always said never put more than you can afford to lose in the market. In other words, it is likely that you will lose all your money if you "play" in the market. It really is a bummer that Bernie like Ponzi ran out of money, but it is also the only reality possible for such a "Hoky" system as stock markets "in the long run", says our Montreal Market Medium. "If you are so smart, how do you fix this disaster," demands Cpl Duty First, just arriving from Truth or Consequences aboard his 1948 Indian Chief 74.

Tempers flare. It is mutally agreed. The medium is a freak and the Cpl is one Ritalin away from retarded. The medium comes on strong. "Get 4950 FEMA trailers. Distribute them across America. Put a FDIC and Treasury Greenback logo on the front door. For a charge of $50.00 per loan, anybody can immediately borrow $5,000.00 dollars if they need it. Pay back at $100.00 per month. Don't pay back and you are disqualified for future money. Got a business idea, put up $50.00 to get a loan at the FEMA, FDIC, GREENBACK trailer. Get things moving again based upon the "full faith and credit" of the people. NO more global usury and credit card and loan interest. Repudiate the Federal Reserve note as legal Tender. Only the interest and debt free Greenback can settle accounts. Because the bogus world of CDO, SIV and tranches and subprime and commodity futures etc. cannot de deciphered or settled to the benefit of the National interest, all existing US citizen debts could, if the debtor so desired, be renegotiated into Greenback terms," growls the Medium.

The Cpl, not to be subdued, makes a Buckfush whitehouse shrug and puts on a Presidential smirk. What about the stock market, he asks? The Medium pauses as if in deep reflection and turns toward us, and snarls about the stock market using the "F word" just like Willard did earlier. In a more calm voice, the medium says, "If a company can't pay dividend they shouldn't have a stock issue." We wonder if the Medium is being politically correct?