MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, January 11, 2013


CLIFF HANGER in despair.                                                                     



Clifford Hanger, is in deep despair. His professional excellence is being challenged by national budget discussions. Cliff, he likes to be called Cliff, is self described as an all knowing master of financial expertise at the highest levels of government and finance. The high powers often call on Cliff to help remedy sticky situations of government budgets and tax laws, so he says to anyone who will listen.


Cliff Hanger had been unaware that his years of writing tax strategy for high government policy had created an absurdity.  The fact that people didn’t pay debts because they had no income was overlooked by the great minds of tax policy. However, Cliff still finds the logic is impeccable for making any debt forgiveness amounts taxable.


It made elegant sense in the policy think tanks of government. After all, people are getting a benefit in the amount of debt forgiven. Just think if all the people who would try to beat the tax system by not paying their debts. Think of everyone getting loan forgiveness on cars, credit cards and mortgages if there was no tax risk. The degree of the absurdity in cases of no income simply does not register in the Egregore mind of Cliff Hanger.


Egregore is a mental state of permanent calculations and absolute belief in money that unlike anything else on the planet money is thought to grow without earth, air, water or sunlight. The math formula of PxRxT=income makes the money dominion of Federal Reserve finance possible. This virtual religion, known publically as central banking, comes from the Old Testament Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance. First perceived at the Second temple in Jerusalem. Read MONEY;The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.  Learn about PxRxT=income.


Clifford Hanger according to his psychic advisor has been told that spirit world finds him special. She says Cliff is related to that first cult of 273 men who gave us the first Egregore. These men were chosen as more than Levites at the Biblical Exodus. Cliff is flattered and sees himself as a modern Egregore.


Cliff cannot admit that he has been complicit in turning the American dream of middle class financial well being into a money nightmare, a bureaucratic  frankenstein of financial tricks, stock market swindles and tax rules. Further, he has just learned that a special ruling has been made to temporarily set aside making loan forgiveness into income. Cliff agrees on the need due to political circumstances, but at the same time professionally annoyed.


Cliff joins our circle to reassure himself that ordinary taxpayers are too self absorbed to be capable of serious reasoning on tax and budget matters. He is impatient to get back to Buckwheat’s White House in Washington with his fellow Egregore to fine tune the tax rules. People getting debt relief without a tax obligation is unbelievable for Cliff Hanger.


Just when he thinks he can relax, there is the great noise from the infernal machine. The Cpl Duty First arrives with Willard sitting side saddle on the back fender of the 1949 HARLEY 61. The dismal machine doesn’t even have a proper seat for passengers. This is typical thinks Cliff as he sees his theory of diminished competence displayed.


Voices are loud and penetrate into the shadows of Cliff Hangers studio. Willard is shouting to the Cpl.  “What makes you think Conchita will come with you on this machine? There is no seat.” The Cpl’s grin is all knowing. “She will have to sit in front of me. I will have my arms around her. She will feel secure.” There is no mention of the discomfort implied by the bracket and bolt that secures the seat connection at the gas tank.


Willard has never been to the Cantina on the four lane just south of Truth or Consequences. He only knows Conchita by the swooning reports of the Cpl. It seems the Cpl is nurturing a plan. One suspects a quick abduction following a late night pole dance is active in the mind of the Cpl.


“You are not thinking that Conchita will leave her pole dance routine to ride down off the great divide onto the fruited plain of amber waves of grain on this machine,” challenges Willard, moving his Rosary beads front and center for a hasty decade. Partly in thanks for getting safely liberated from the infernal machine and partly to calm his mind about the prospects for Conchita, and maybe the Cpl if Loredo the Blade gets involved. Loredo has a standing threat of instant death when next the Cpl appears near Conchita.


The Cpl returns to his machine and makes starting motions of turning the handles and steadying the machine for a kick start. This could take while. Cliff Hanger joins our duo for a change of pace from his mental anguish of financial tax calculations. The Cpl offers a ride. He declines, but poses questions. “What happens if Conchita doesn’t cooperate?” The Cpl shrugs. “Does she know anything about this plan?” “She knows me, mutters the Cpl.” “What will happen if Loredo is there?” No answer. “You recall that Canadian coin money, not even a double value “Twooney” is appreciated there at dance time. Pause. The Great Divide is not warm now for motorcycle riding,” offers Cliff Hanger, anxious to be seen as one of us. There is a mechanical clashing of starter gears and an exhaust woof that signals engine start. The Cpl rides away.


Willard is busy with his beads. Cliff is making facial expressions. First is indifference, Then he is perplexed, finally he is exaulted with insight at finding a solution. He shrieks. “That SOB, referring to the Cpl, is going to turn Loredo in to the immigration authorities.” Willard recoils. “What the hell do you mean? He doesn’t even know if Loredo is illegal.” That doesn’t matter by the time Loredo gets lose from immigration checking his papers the Cpl will be on the move at the Cantina.”


“This is madness.” Cliff is visibly reeling. “If The Cpl is traveling on Canadian papers, and Loredo catches on and makes counter charges, the Cpl could wind up in the clink at immigration. He doesn’t have a green card for his work activities in the US.”howls Cliff Hanger. He says we should read; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG; The FinalWorld Order.


Clifford Hanger makes a hasty search of web site “your Travel Writer” to find advice on cheap and immediate travel reservations to leave us. The office politics of White House Egregore seeking advantage over each other for favor pales in the light of interpersonal strategies of our circle and their visions and schemes.