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Friday, May 18, 2007

The old Con in NeoCon

Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk contacts us with opinionated information. A deep trance channel medium with precise findings in remote viewing she is often interesting.

She says that the so-called NeoCons are playing the oldest financial con game in town. This very first money Con is the swindle of Egyptians described in Genesis, Chapter 47. It seems that Joseph ruined their goverment and bankrupted the Egyptians by manipulating their money system. Wilma tells us that now, under the Neocons, America with its Federal Reserve Notes is the new Egypt. She says, Read The 12Th and Final R Duane Willing. Wilma thinks that the Neocon blah-blah of Democracy for the Fuzzy Wuzzies is a distraction to conceal the plan for a massive global money swindle of Old Testament magnitude.

Our Bloggee (one that reads and comments on blogs) Emmet, also of Tuktoyaktuk and close with Wilma, is scandalized by her slur. As a perfected politically correct Blog site, we too are scandalized her FuzzyWuzzy reference, but she presses on. The greatest profits in financial markets come from being able to anticipate or cause the collapse of prices and markets or money systems, she says. We kind of agree, but are unclear about her reference to Federal Reserve notes rather than US dollars. She clarifies for us.

The US dollar, the national currency of the United States as established by Abraham Lincoln, is the Greenback. This national money was outlawed by congress during their Clinton impeachement hearings. We briefly recall the saga of a portly Billy cavorting with a chubby Jewish girl on the rug of the Great Seal of the United States at midday in the oval office. Our smile turns to wonder. Wilma snaps us out of our reverie.

The Federal Reserve Note, often erroneously called a greenback, is not a genuine national money, but is a privately created money that rides piggy-back on the established reputaion of the US dollar. The secret elimination of the US Greenback now clears the way for the Federal Reserve System through its Federal Reserve Notes to monopolize a false claim on all the US Gold reserves, she says.

Bingo!! A light comes on. Wilma continues. Just like the Biblical Joseph, The Neocons, as instruments of foreign powers and governents have a master plan. They have created Osmo and war in Iraq and Afghanistan as a means to foster contempt and hatred for the US Republic and its people and their money. The NeoCons are in fact laying the ground work to facilitate a collapse world money markets in order for the Federal Reserve to steal all of Americas Gold. With this gold, the Federal Reserve could move to Jerusalem and become the AntiChrist ruling the world from Temple Milcom, she says. We recoil at Bible babel and instantly suppress thought and deny the fact that this wacky broad might be onto something. We demand that Emmett tell us in advance when this woman is reporting to us when she is in deep trance Channeling state of mind.

Emmet under hypnotic influence just looks at us grinning, while he repeats. Repudiate the Federal Reserve Note as legal tender in the USA. Reinstate the Greenback. No national debt no interest and no income tax. We wonder if the Boob knows what he is saying.

R Duane Willing


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