MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, March 31, 2011



The steady rise of stock market indices opposite the world wide collapse of confidence in international stock exchange finance is a wonder of the age. The continuing use of stock markets as a pretend mirror of national economies brings a cynical smile to the Montreal Market Medium, self described seer in markets and finance. The disconnect between real human needs and the fiction of international finance is now complete. In addition, the corporate swindle of stock issues and related heat generating technologies are on a collision course with a reality called biosphere, he sighs.

Suddenly, the medium doubles over in self deprecating laughter at the superstition called money. "How is it possible that people can believe in something that is supposed to grow without sunlight, or water, or air or soil?" He composes himself with a gentle cuff to his forehead. He does not think poorly of himself, keeping the secret of the superstition called money while laughing at those who believe in the mystery of money paying interest. It seems he shares a mind set commonly held by those of the CIA, MOSSAD, MI-6. They have been trained to behave in terms of lies, larceny, deception and betrayal. The medium relishes the good old days before 2008 when he was flogging mutual funds and tips on Vancouver penny stocks and real estate mortgages to middle American believers.

The Montreal Market medium does not realize how similar his financial training is to the official training of secret agents and spies. The absence of moral conscience is key to serving the MOLOCH, god of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange swindle finance, origin of all pollutions. Without the legions of spies and Montreal market mediums around the globe fostering deception by promoting belief in financial markets, the MOLOCH, God of money would not have his temples of central banking such as the Federal Reserve, Bank of England,etc, declares Prof. C More Books, self described student in finance, religions, politics, ETs and BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government).


In fact the BIZWOG is totally dependent upon the loyalty of Montreal Market mediums and secret agent spies around the globe. They are cadre for the New world order. Without them as defacto believers in the MOLOCH, God of money, the BIZWOG plan of a world controlling central bank in Jerusalem is doomed, says the prof. The Prof has a notion that so-called Semitic based religions are occult cover stories, appropriated by BIZWOG, to conceal taking control of world monies through the reconstruction of a mythical third temple in Jerusalem. He says the mythical third temple is really the first temple of God Moloch and original model for central banking. Read the Book; MONEY the12th and FINAL RELIGION, he says

Emma of Kazabazua, also known as Loco Lola when she is in deep trance contact with past life as the first woman Jesuit at the 1555 Vatican, joins us. She has been remote viewing the triple whammy disaster in Japan of earthquake, Tsunami and Nuke reactor explosion. Loco dismisses the web excitement of HAARP deliberately causing the quake and Tsunami. She is silent on the prospect of HAARP technology out of operator control and periodically acting at random. In response to Loco's inference of technology out of control, the Prof throws up his hands in despair at what he calls our resident loony.

Unlike her usual feminine gentle "Coco Chanel persona" self she is sharp with the Prof. "Without technically competent oversight reporting independently we have no idea if HAARP or anything else "spooky" is under control or out of control." "What about CERN in consonance with HAARP?" she snarks, and leaves the room with a whispered word for the Prof. It sounded like it began with A and ended with hole. Everybody seems in a bad mood with Pres Buckwheat starting another war in Libya and all, offers Willard close with Emma in Kazabazua. Willard says we should read; THE AMERICAN CALIPHATE of BIZWOG:The Final World Order.


Cpl Duty First, fresh from a hasty retreat from along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences, is muttering something that he didn't know Conchita had a Hells Angels boyfriend named Laredo the blade. The Cpl wants to thank Emmett and Wilma in Tuktoyaktuk for providing safe haven on such short notice. It took a few days for Conchita to disabuse Loredo of suspicions about the Cpl on his 1949 tank shift Harley 61 making suggestions between her pole dance appearances.

The word from Emmett, world premier decoder of all known ciphers and signals and Wilma world senior remote viewer and deep trance channeler, is that BIZWOG code and signal traffic has increased exponentially. There is serious concern that Japan will make a complete rebuild and recovery without borrowing on the international bond markets. A continuation of the Zero interest rate policy when the BIZWOG markets would like to see 6-8% interest rates on Japan Government bonds is a serious financial loss, even a deliberate affront for BIZWOG.

Wilma in remote viewing contact with peculiar Chinaman Wi Ling at the Atlanta Center for Poverty to White People in Atlanta says she detects that Wi Ling is a secret channel of coordination and communication between Japan and Bejing through Shanghai. This is bypassing the BIZWOG links through HSBC in London and Hong Kong. HSBC was the first International bank to get its accounts insured by the FDIC and Federal Reserves System by the purchase of the Midland Bank in Buffalo NY. Although this was some time ago, it demonstrates the BIZWOG control of US through its banking nerve center, she says.


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