MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Friday, June 08, 2007


As the worlds first perfected politcally correct Blog site, may I appologize in advance for the utterings of some contributors and visitors.

The Prof C.More Books, a self described explainer of Religions, Money and Space Beings, comes to tell us about BEEs.

The Prof reports that Black Boxes buzzing as if full of BEEs have been observed stashed among trees by ETs. People have been warned away from the Boxes by ETs because of danger, they say. The boxes appear to have been prepared for space transit because of a curious light or aura, report witnesses, according to the Prof. The trees, a form of virtual reality or collective hypnosis, dissappear when the black boxes are removed. Often, the stash sites seem to be closely watched, maybe protected, by the famous "Bigfoot" creature, he reports. BEEs, Bigfoot, ETs, we ask the prof if he is smoking again. He takes offense and leaves us, muttering something about retards that read with their fingers and drool on the pages.

A rustle of fabric and breeze of Chanel turns our attention. Yikes! Its Loco Lola again! She arrives in defense of the prof. She thinks we are nasty, possibly ignorant. We think she is crazy, well not really, just Odd. You see. In a past life, in 1555, she was the first woman Jesuit, she says.

With serious assertion, Loco, I mean Emma of Kazabazua, tells us that BEEs are essential for the balance of nature and the Cosmos has had it with earth people and their worship of the Molock: God of perpetual (national) debts, Money at Interest and stock exchanges. Yikes again!! What has debt and money and stock exchanges got to do with Bees, we screech? Besides, the ETs have always said, since Orfeo Agelucci in 1947, that the Cosmos will Not interfere on earth, we declare.

The BEEs are being menaced by the pollutions that are a consequnce earth plane beliefs that results in pollution, she snarks. Read; The 12th and Final Religion, God Molock, Money, Israel and Cult 273, by R Duane Willing, she demands, NOW.

She seems incensed. First the Prof now wacko Loco. We need calm. We ask for more detail to appeal to her PhD background and training. Maybe then she will go away?

Loco explains that the planet is being harmed by belief that credit must create a debt that pays interest and that the instuments of that debt are the origin and continuing basis for stock exchanges. This debt/stock exchange process is now linked to the use of petroleum that has also become as the result of its consumption a basis for money creation. READ THE BOOK, she repeats. The outcome of this money/stock market system is endless creation of heat. For every minute of operation of each automobile engine there are 180 degrees Farenhiet of temperature added to the Biosphere. We a stunned. A million of autos operating for one minute results in heat of 180,000,000 degrees of heat staggers the mind. We try to recover.

Whats this got to do with BEEs we shout, almost out of control?

Planetary heat is being tampered with, not only with autos, but as well, the planet has become a test bed for projects like the HAARP in Alaska and the Microwave signals that make cell phones work. These not only result in heat they also disturb the Ionosphere with a consequence on weather patterns that impact the food supply and the orientation of the BEEs, she says.

The electronic signals as complements to natural gravity may be feeding this unnatural heat into the polar ice caps in direct ratio to the creation of money and the consumption of oil. Obviously, it is urgent to disconnect oil consumption from finance and money creation and immediately introduce an energy source that functions without ambient heat, she says.

Maybe the dissappearing BEEs are an appeal from the Cosmos. A means of interfereing, a sort of Jesuit reasoning where it is possible to be following the rules by not following the rule.

R Duane Willing


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