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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lies, Spies & Molock Lucre Men

Although this Blog is perfected as politically correct "newspeak", some of our contributors periodically communicate in "oldspeak". To help purify them we suggest your burn incense to the late Jerry Falwell, also known as the "Toad" by Chris Hitchens.

Wait..Wait...important news from Emma just comes to us. The BuckFush ie Bush administration has just announced that spy satellites are now watching Americans as they go about their daily ministrations. Serious effort is underway to link this spy satellite info with local police and political organizations. BuckFush says its about national security. Emma suspects its more about his security and our confinement. The poor boob can,t go anywhere alone without risk of assault. Lots of people are really tense. Lieing about killing people in order to wreck their property traditionally results in a one-time-life-changing rope dance experience for a perpe"traitor" in America, she says. "Dimbulbs say the Iraq war is about oil," diverges Emma of Kazabazua. We fibulate at the "oldspeak" this woman still uses.

Emma claims special knowledge because in a past life she was Queen Juana of Castile the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican, she says. We want to explain about the influence of the Molock lucre men on money creation, and the current mortgage and stock market crisis, but she interrupts again. Just read the book MONEY, The 12th and Final RELIGION, she says. order from this site pay in cash if you wish. "Its only $20.00 bucks Cdn or US," she says. By her own lights she knows everything.

We press on. According to main line media, the perpetrators of this crisis are poor people who wanted a house and lied about their income levels to get the mortgage on the desired house. The mortagages and perhaps these borrowers as well are called "subprime". The media inference is that these people as lesser beings have disturbed the mystic functioning of market forces. Yikes. This offense to market forces is an affront the great God Himself. The Molock: God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance, Father of ALL POLLUTIONS. Emma is right. You should read the BOOK.

Our MBA level analysis (that should scare you) indicates that the mystery of market forces in stock markets is all about government guarantees. The US Gov. only guarantess mortgages up to $417,000.00 dollars. Small morgages for the lesser of us are without risk. We are not subprime. We are premium mortgages because Uncle Sam guarantees us to the lender. YIKES and Yikes again.

The question burns in our MBA trained mind. Why would premium loans be called subprime? (blame this MBA questioning on exposure to prof Weldon Welfling,Case Western Reserve University '68-70.) SHAZAM! YIKES! The answer is neigh. The guaranteed mortgages of poor people are not the issue. It is the mega loans above $417,000.00 that are not guaranteed. These mega bucks loans on unafforable house prices are the problem. Maybe the main stream media owes us poor people an appology?


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