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Thursday, January 08, 2009


The root origin of US visual and print news format is unmistakably NAZI. Joe Goebbels reported daily lies of victories on the Eastern front until Russian tanks crushed his studio. A current example in the US of the Nazi style big lie is that the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve can dictate that personal trust be restored by bookkeeping entry. They pretend that the Wall Street collapse and betrayal of personal trust and the disappearance of a global credit market is a "liquidity" problem. YIKES!

Another Nazi style lie is that Pres. Elect Barack Hussein, (Indonesian boy citizen and Kenya born British subject), Obama, unkindly called Buckwheat by our contributor, Cpl Duty First, represents a change from war and corporate swindle and treason of the BuckFush administration. We caution the Cpl about his lack of political correctness.

The truly Mega-size Nazi style lie is that lobbyist and special interest control of US policy will be eliminated. Yet, a MOSSAD SECRET AGENT from a foreign country will control Whitehouse policy making and access to Pres. Buckwheat. SAY WHAT? Could the 30 month, $750,000,000 election campaign be a corporate media prank? We wonder whose tanks can save the Republic from this cascade of Nazi style prevarications, shouts our Cpl Duty First? He is incorrigible.

The stance in this blog is from certain straight white guy tending to redneck perspective on Finance and stock markets and national debt. I perceive these as the driving forces in US history. Further, in my book MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, I suggest that the forces that drive debt and finance and stock markets are evidence of an obscure Old Testament god called Molock. (Read at your own risk) This God Moloch represents the intent to control thought and enslave all of creation according to the protocols outlined in Chapter 47 of the book of Genesis. I speculate that the destruction of ancient Egypt in the Biblical Exodus saga is a Moloch prophecy with America intended as the new Egypt.

US (Redneck version) HISTORY
A study of US money history begins with the financial stress of the Lincoln administration in the 1860s civil war. The Wall Street gold speculators were trying to undermine the Union war effort. Lincoln was of the opinion that, Gold speculators should be hanged.

In defiance of Wall Street gold Barrons, Lincoln created Americas’ first national banking system. He issued the greenback currency which was without interest rates or bonded debt obligation. A more complete rejection of the Wall Street finance and the international gold cabal is hardly imaginable.

Later, The Cleveland administration effectively terminated the progress of the Lincoln greenback banking system. The Wall Street houses of Morgan and Belmont along with Rothschilds of the Bank of England organized a cabal with a gold claim that exceeded the gold in US treasury. The US did not have the capacity to pay the claim.

The cabal demanded that President Cleveland suspend future greenback debt free policy or be forced to pay the gold claim in full and bankrupt the republic. Also, The cabal ordered Pres Cleveland to issue $65 million, 30 year interest paying US Bonds of national debt. In reward for Presidential submission to cabal demands and to issue interest paying bonds, the financial cabal withdrew the gold threat to bankrupt the US treasury. The extortion manifested by the bond issue marks the end of the free Republic and is the beginning of Americas’ submission to the dictatorship of the international stock exchange finance cabal.

Ever since that time, The British Empire and the Bank of England Rothchild house of Zion have expressed admiration and friendship for America. It would no doubt come as a shock to most Americans that the Money cabal of Biblical Zion and Imperial Britain has expanded their tentacles to all levels of American power. It is a matter of video tape record that on the 200th anniversary of the Church of England in North America that the visiting US Bishop actually apologized for what the US Episcopal Bishop called an act of rebellion. With friends like these, Can America afford enemies?

It is beyond coincidence that attempts to introduce an income tax immediately followed the Cleveland administration. Initially passed, then ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court, the income tax, as supported by populists and democrats, was finally passed by the Wilson Admin in 1916.

Cpl Duty First scowls in disbelief. He thought that Populists and Democrats would be Greenbackers and opposed to income tax. Jack Boot, US Secret Agent, protector of corporate wealth, drops by to remind the Cpl that control of US political parties is by the BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government). There has not been a Constitutional American voice in media since Eberhart Hubbard was killed on the Lusitania during WWI, declares Jack Boot with his secret agent know it all smirk. We dismiss Jack Boot before he can relate his theory about the origin of BIZWOG by British secret agents of Oxford and Cambridge about the time of the US Cleveland administration.

Nearly coincident with the income Tax, that is so essential for paying interest on government debt, there was the authorization of the federal reserve system to control the issue of US govt debt. The international stock exchange finance cabal must have thought they had arrived in Moloch heaven, a paradise of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance. This origin of all pollutions is called Usury and forbidden by the scriptures.

THREE (written out of) US SCHOOLS
The subtle rise to power of international stock exchange finance into control over America was obscured by wars and social tensions of immigration and race and labor and lodges of patriotic expression. During this period, the Three literary figures (no longer read in US High Schools) of Will Rogers, Jack London and Mark Twain defined American character. It was said that Americans enjoy a joke even when done to them by a friend. Financial misfortune of failed banks and markets was considered a prank of nature. Politics was no doubt the biggest joke of all. Inability to take a joke was a blemish, signifying character not fully American.

Americans were and still are generally indifferent or just oblivious to the old world sensitivities that were shattered by the American revolution. The Americans had totally rejected symbols and offices that shaped the aristocratic hereditary wealth of the international stock market finance cabal for centuries. Americans generally have no grasp of how their rebellion and its spontaneous declaration was such a massive insult to the legions of Monarchs and their ideal of divine right. The intelligentsia of the old world was humiliated for all to see. The passion to regain lost status burns brighter every year, especially since the Atom Bomb intimidation of Israel and the UK at the Suez, offers departing secret agent Jack Boot.

Mighty Archbishops, Rabbis, Priests and learned scholars saw centuries of their tradition vaporized by simple declarations of independence. The treatment of the despair and loss by devoted intellectuals of deep religious faith as something trivial to be forgotten and set aside in the face of American supremacy is no doubt viewed as unforgivable hubris by those shattered powers. They no doubt see indifference and obliviousness as a deficiency in American character that can be manipulated by secret agents and traitors..

We wonder how Jack and Mark and Will would interpret American character in this emerging epoch of secret agents and traitors with their stock market swindles and mindless seeking of an imaginary enemy, who masters the highest technology from a sickbed deep in a mythical mountain cave. Sometimes he is in Afghanistan, sometimes in Pakistan. He must have a 440 Hemi with turbo charger on his hospital bed to move around so fast, snorts our Cpl. Duty First

The magisterium of the current government lie would no doubt astound even Jack and Mark and Will. The lie defies what the entire world saw when all the glass of the World Trade Center was vaporized back into basic silica sand in less than nine seconds. A sick man in a cave with this kind of technology to destroy in seconds what took many months to manufacture should not be molested by military battalions, if he exists, says the Cpl.?

Has the American character with its inherent capacity to interpret facts of science failed? Has the tendency to see misfortune as a prank of nature mutated to become something else. If so what is it, asks the Cpl Duty First? What role does the international stock market cabal of Imperial Britain andthe Zion of Rothchilds and their Talmud spawned business school MBA and Economist excreta have in mind for their Pres. Buckwheat, challenges the Cpl Duty First? What could be their plan for the future of their client puppet state widely known as America now that their fancy of a new world order has disappeared in a collapse of global credit and banking system failure.?

We have posed these questions in strictest confidence to Wilma, world class intuitive and remote viewer in Tuktoyaktuk, and to Emma, of Kazabazua, in frequent contact with ETs and recognized in past life as Queen Juana of Castile the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican, also known unkindly as Loco Lola. They both say read the book, MONEY; The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, by R Duane Willing, or live in peril for your financial future.

THANKS Ladies, R Duane Willing.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger David Snieckus said...

Allow me to attempt, and hope you comment, to answer your question, "How do we create a Money System that follows the two rules: Do not soil the water and do not attempt to regulate life with usury.

The cosmos answers:
Create money that is edible, interest and debt free.

I am suggesting to Congressman Barney Frank to create a law in the US to buy up all the debt, (10 trillion or so) with a NEW GRAIN MADE GREENBACK. This NEW GRAIN MADE GREENBACK will be backed by our promise to pay our debt (over 10 years) in grain.
We the US will feed the world with money that people can eat.

How does this idea fulfil the two rules
Grain grows with sunlight and water
And it's has no interest.
comments please

At 11:40 AM, Blogger r Duane willing said...

Hello David,
Maybe you makee Jokee? But please be advised Grain was the original currency. So! The facility of being consumed in use as energy source and at the same time measurable as currency is the original reality of the human condition. Thanks RDuane Willing.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger David Snieckus said...

Here's a DRAFT I'm working on for Monday the 12th

a. Grain as collateral for debt free monetary system:

1.) Easy to produce
2.) One seed grows expedentially
3.) Egalitarian; Everyone who chooses to can grow grain
4.) Vision: To become the food basket of the world
5.) The Mechanics:
· During Current (January-February 2009) Administrations call for a trillion dollar infrastructure, Congressman Barney Frank has money set aside for rebuilding the health of Americans. Encourage people to be healthy! PAY US TO BE HEALTHY!!!! Create a group of people dedicated to teaching about quality food; the selection, the cooking and the eating, for all Americans and for all the World: These people would qualify if they were Grain or plant-based eaters.
· Buy one Bank to do the transactions or create one: The Bank Of Greater United States.
· Buy Farms
· Encourage farmers to grow and store organic grain esp: rice
· Print up NEW GREENBACKS with printing press
· Hire one smart software group to focus on the digital monetary system. A computer program that will aways keep the economy running smoothly, keeping the money supply (dollars) stable. No more adjusting the expansion and contraction of the money supply. NO MORE INTEREST. Computer would be able to use statics on Population growth and Price Level Index. (Get someone like Steve Jobs after he retires from APPLE .)
· BUY up ALL of the debt with Collateralized money. THE US promises to pay in grain over the next 10 years.
· Federal Reserve is ordered to do the monetary system change on a fee for transaction basis.
· Anyone can go to a farm and grow grain, surplus can be turned into money.
· Pay People to be healthy.

At 3:20 PM, Blogger David Snieckus said...

R duane willing
Can you edit this?

Warming up the Credit Freeze!

In this current credit freeze, 2007-2009, I believe we are talking about various banks unwillingness to lend more money even if they have or had good credit.

I say we can melt that credit freeze!

It has come to my attention that the credit freeze is not there because there is a lack of people, entrepreneurs or businesses that are willing to spend money for various projects, thereby stimulating, (warming) the economy, it’s that there is a deliberate attempt to freeze the flow of money, by a few wealthy/greedy, untouchable, individuals who are the obscure and distant owners of what we think is our, out for our benefit, Federal Reserve. A while back, Rep. McFadden said this about the Federal Reserve banks, "They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; the rich and predatory money lenders. This is an era of economic misery and for the reasons that caused that misery, the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks are fully liable."

Recently, in a separate address to Congress, Dennis Kucinich, the Congressman from Ohio, stated: “The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express!” To me something is fishy…it seems we are getting a raw deal….There is indeed…. “some thing is rotten in the state of Denmark!” Hamlet

To me, these individuals, the owners of the Federal Reserve and their policies were alluded to in President Obama’s Inaugural address, January 20th 2009 in three separate quotes:
1. “Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare a nation for a new age.”
2. “To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history.”
3. “…that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply.

What can you/we do to help warm up this credit freeze?

At 9:10 AM, Blogger David Snieckus said...

Walking today....I remembered my father filling out his tax return when I was a child...say about 8-11.
I distinctly remember saying something to the effect: "Oh, it's too bad Joannie, my new born sister, wasn't born a few weeks earlier...(born in early January) you could take a tax deduction for the whole year!
Now if that isn't a cultured response or commodifying humans I don't know what is. It seems so harsh!

ANYWAY: here's a few things from dennis kucinich on the Monetary system from AMI...

Dear Friends of the American MONETARY Institute,

Monetary reform is advancing rapidly, because it must, in order to resolve our national crisis.
There are two links below that are MUST viewing, and please forward them to your email lists.

On this link Congressman Dennis Kucinich describes the economic and monetary crisis for one hour on the floor of the House of Representatives. You can see what a devoted and great leader he is. View it all. At about 40 minutes in, he discusses Stephen Zarlenga and our monetary reform proposal - a must see!

Here, Dennis in just over one minute describes the reform program in summary.

Please enjoy the second link immediately, and set aside an hour to view the first link.

The internet is allowing a marvelous communication process to take place in our land, in this time of crisis. Please use it fully, forwarding this to your friends and let me know their reactions.

The full text of the American Monetary Act can be viewed at

Warm regards and thanks for your attention,

Stephen Zarlenga
American Monetary Institute


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