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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Smoke of The Molock Is In the Markets

BIG Time Money Info: Net work news professionals out of the Joe Goebbels Propaganda School of daily victories on the Eastern Front make our evening TV news. Joe had a perfect record of victory reports until soviet troops took his radio station away. The media pretense that the financial melt down can be remedied by reporter optimism is fun to watch, says our Cpl Duty First,PhD, MA, etc., from along the great divide just south of Truth or Consequences. No Bailout, shouts our Prof.C More Books. Take the $700 plusBillion and open an Abraham Lincoln National banking system. Tell Wall Street Brokers, Banksters and hedgers to take their junk paper and shove it, he shouts. We think our Prof should explain how important it is to read, MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

The Montreal Market Medium says money is not the problem. He says our money system and oil and the air we breathe are now interconnected through the banking system. Oil consumption is crucial for creating money, he says. For example, load oil on a tanker. Get bill of lading. Take bill to bank. Bank accepts bill as loan collateral. Bingo! Money is created. Holly Molly! Any reduction in oil consumption automatically reduces money supply growth. Yikes! Further, for every gallon of gas burned the equivalent of 14 gallons of air is burned. Double Yikes!! Without the ever increasing money supply from burning ever more oil, there would be no additional money to pay the ever increasing interest on the borrowed money.

Obviously this system trying to support a money based upon consuming the air we breathe is insane. This system of money creation with its appendages of national debt, interest rates, mortgages and taxes is inherently defective and unsustainable, he reports. But, NOW you can see why alternative clean "free energy" technology is going nowhere, declares the Medium. It doesn't create money, he shouts, as if we were retarded or something.

The problem is not the technology. It is about how to replace the demonic Molock Central Banking money system that has taken over our money and markets and our credit. He whispers that Moloch, the high power of banking, is the God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock market (mortgage swindle) finance.. We try not to roll our eyes.

The Bible Prophets called this type of money system Usury. They said it was an offense against nature. This seems reasonable since creating money from burning oil consumes the air we need for life. Certainly in order to have an energy system that is compatible with nature, the Molock system will have to be replaced by a modern version of the Abraham Lincoln Greenback. The Greenback has saved the Republic during financial crisis before without national debt and interest rates. The 4950 Savings and Loans that were to be converted by Pres. Nixon into commercial banks should be reconsidered as the basis for a new National Greenback banking system, mumbles our Medium.


At 9:17 PM, Blogger GraceHead said...

AIG debacle has been in the works for a while.
Imagine you're praying over being ripped-off by an insurance company. Imagine that you have a unique gift so that God's voice often sounds audible to you, such that you can write down stuff that you hear word for word. How strange would it sound to be interrupted during your prayer to have God rant about how insurance companies are going to fail and the bigger they are the harder they will fall? Imagine again, that all of this happens years before anyone has heard of the looming financial crisis that is unfolding before our eyes. Well, as amazing as that all sounds it happened to a friend of mine, Timothy, on May 18, 2005 and it is published for anyone who is interested:

"The Giants of This World Will Fall...Stand Not in Their Shadow / Timothy, be wary of things of dishonesty and greed in nature of those in whom you have dealt. Those in whom you have dealt, greed is at the heart of that which they do. Nowhere is help or compassion found.You are a number, a mere sign of your dollar. They will fall and come to nothing. ... If I come and remove and destroy all things, which are and lead My people into vanity, what is left?...Your life and your free will to choose, to save it or lose it. Blessed are those, who lose their life in this world for My sake...they have their reward. Woe to those, who lose themselves in this world to keep their life...they are lost. Therefore, out of love, I will remove all obstacles from their path, so they may see Me clearly and run to Me, for I wait with arms open.
All must crumble, all must be shaken.
All must be removed, all foundations broken, all must be moved from their places.
All will be done as it is written, all will be divided.
All will stand naked before their Creator so they may choose...
choose life and love, My people!"

Timothy did not know what to think of this at the time, but recent news has shed light on what he was told back then.

More recently, this letter has a few more details of the collapse:

Ripening for the harvest,


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