MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Secret Unvieled, Oil causes Money!

The myth that political power is subject to popular opinion has been destroyed in America. Only a deep psycological sense of denial restrains the betrayed population. The mind refuses to believe the lies they see. They pretend about better possibilities even as the economic decay of globalism becomes more evident. The rulership amuses their own imagination with an endless-mindless charade of political campaign deception. Senators who are obliged under the constitution to be sitting in impeachment are pretending to be presidential candidates, offers our Kazabazua, correspondent, Willard, man of miles of Rosary, 1000s of Masses, neighbor approaching perfection.

Emma, deep trance remote viewing medium, also of Kazabazua and close with Willard, reports a growing cabal of constitutionalist populists see evil powers festering in Washington, London and Tel Aviv. This triad of evil is frightening the people with stories about an attack on the Republic. They talk about their powerful Bible God. He hates "wogs", the triad says. (We caution Emma about political correctness). Emma warns that the triad conceals that their God is called by the name MOLOCK: God of perpetual debt, money interest and stock exhange (swindle) finance. Their God Molock is Father of all pollutions, enemy of natural life, reports Emma from deep trance channeling contact with space travelers. They worry about planet earth, she says.

A careful reading of the book: MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION and a view of the You Tube video "Money the 12th and Final Religion" is recommended.

The cabal is reporting spooky contacts between secret agents at a front organization widely known as THE CENTER for POVERTY TO WHITE PEOPLE in Atlanta, Ga. Founder and long time MOSSAD main man in America, Mogen Dildo, has been meeting with a peculiar Chinaman. He goes by the name Wi Ling, and is reported to be sharing secret financial information with Mogen.

Mogen is reported as astonished and thunderstuck all the while deeply sad by the information because as the MOSSAD main man in America he can never personally be in Israel to report such classified information to the Chief Rabbi. All his secret contacts are through his case officer, a shabby Arab, who comes in periodically to file civil rights complaints about being evicted from public buildings and schools for washing his feet in drinking fountains at Muslim prayer time. Emmett of Tuktoyaktuk, decoder of all known secrets, says the circuits are reporting that the Obama Hussaien, when elected, having a youth of this discipline, is expected to auhorize foot washing in public fountains by Presidential Executive Order. (We caution Emmett about possible ethnic slurs.)

Mogen is so excited about the secret information from Wi Ling that he almost broke cover and flew direct to what he calls his Home Land Israel. (In fact Mogen has never been out of North America.) The peculiar Chinaman has told Mogen that the continuing creation of the US Dollar is a by product of oil consumption. Stop consuming oil and the money system falters. The central bank deposit structure is linked in a dependentcy upon a continuing consumption of biosphere contaminating petroleum. The madness is made complete by the fact that for each unit of oil burned 14 times more air is burned as well.

Mogen instantly realizes that a country outside of the central bank system LIKE CHINA and ISRAEL can circumvent the dilema of the oil/dollar dependency. All that is needed is a world wide spy network (Israel) to infiltrate governments and a comprehensive industrial base to supply markets and controlled curency (China) topped up with nuclear weapons and financial nirvana is at hand. Mogen wonders if his people will give him a medal for negotiating this deal with Wi Ling, the peculiar Chinaman?


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