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Thursday, August 30, 2007

montreal market medium

Welcome to a perfected version of a politically correct blog. Please excuse the "oldspeak" of some of our contributors who are not familiar with the "newspeak" of Political Correctness. With the exception of our Montreal Market Medium some have even been known to use ethnic slurs. Disgusting!

Our Montreal Market Medium has news about the credit/mortgage situation. He refuses to call it a crisis. He says it should be called an experience. He says the situation has its precedent in the epic period when John Law tried to introduce credit as a basis for money some few years after the invention of the printing press. The end for US dollar will no doubt be comparable to the Paris experience of that early currency so brilliantly concieved by John Law. Our Medium is obscure and mumbles when asked what time frame we should be considering. Maybe he has abandoned us and is covering his own porfolio? Who can we trust in this epic of frozen credit and senatorial hot times in public toilets? The medium promises more clarity in future blogs.

Fantastic! We have more BIGTIME financial news. Its easier to be politically correct with financial information. The7th largest political entity in the world is the province of Quebec,in Canada. During the past few years, the province has been gradually stripped of its banks and industry and its stock market as these have quietly moved to Toronto, Ontario and its enviorns. They say these moves are as a consequence of the recent (1970-80s) independence movement.

One of the massive achievements of the Quebec government over a period of years under several differnt political parties was the construction and organization of a public corporation that owns and controls the production and distribution of electricity in the province. The rates are low and sale of excess power to the US is profitable.

The success of this enterprise is beyond measure as a public servant of consumate skill and reliablity and lowest consumer cost in North America. The recovery from a devastating ice storm was an epic ahievement. Guess What?

The Molock Mongers of stock markets and related financial gouls have a plan, says the Montreal Market Medium. Before we can caution him on political correctness, he continues. The swindle of privatizing the Hydro Quebec,a Public corporation for stock broker gains and public disadvantage is moving with NAFTA stealth and speed. Yikes. We cannot believe that Quebec would give up its public utility source of heat and light for some stock swindle. Its not Quebec, its the Globalists, he says. The Global banksters and Molock Apostles of stock exchanges are desperate for commissions. They need something to sell that the banks can finance. EVERYTHING else in the market has turned to smoke. No body trusts any body or anything, he snorts.

The central banks have to buy all the commercial paper crap or the lending system stops cold, he says. Oh by the way, he says. The Federal Reserve is in criminal violation of its charter with the direct purchse of commercial unrated paper,he whispers. We are thunderstruck. Can this info be politically correct? If you think this commercial paper scam is something, wait until you find out that the world bond market valuations exceeds the total value of all the assets of all the economies of the planet, he says. Yikes! Who is going to pay interest on all of that? Where will the money come from, we ask? He says, first read the book, MONEY the 12th and Final RELIGION.


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