MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fake Country Fake FEMA Real Concentration Camp

Welcome to the worlds only populist politically correct but tending to redneck thoughts blog. Populism is the unconditional rejection of national debts that pay interest. Populism recognizes how the central banking/stock market cabal that relies on personal income tax to pay the interest on the debt is the majestic swindle of the centuries.

Some say this swindle is the work of the Molock: God of money at interest, perpetual debt and stock market(swindle) finance and father of all biosphere pollutions. Read the book, Money the 12th and Final religion, R Duane willing.

It is widely agreed among secret agents that history is the record of work of secret agents. Lee John Billy-Bob Boot, Phd (mind control and Neuroscience) likes to be called Jack. Today, as usual, he denies he is a secret agent. Jack Boot is a liar says Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk, world class deep trance remote viewing medium, close with Emmett, decoder of all known ciphers and codes. Jack Boot has deep cover secret agent connections to Huntsville, Alabama where NASA does mind control conditioning. A few months there and you too will be convinced you went to the moon, she says.

Remmember how the father of beauty child, Jon Benet Ramsey, rushed to Huntsville right after she was found murdered, asks Wilma? That place is mega-spooky, she says. Adding to our shock and astonishment is a news release that the city fathers of Huntsville are preparing emergency underground facilities for an additional 20,000 people. Holy Moly what is going on there?

We try to suppress the thought of G Bush and his phony Texas accent which somehow happened after he dissappeared in Huntsville for six months during his National Guard days. Forget about BuckFush, she says. Just wait until you see next batch of whackos that are being conditioned to be world rulers for BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government), she offers. Yikes! How will we recognize them? We ask. "They cant tell the truth. When told of heinous consequences of their whacko decisions, they smirk and shrug," she says.

Wilma and Jack Boot, sharing the drives of nature of that time of day, went off to lunch, so they said. Uninvited, I pondered reporting to Emmett, but if those two make any kind of electronic contact he will know. I mind my own business, almost.

Jack Boot,lecherous swine, in his haste to respond to Wilma's invitation, has left his pocket notes from a previous meeting behind.

(Heading)BIZWOG Follow up re: Skarzozy Meeting in New Hampshire

What is going on here? Did the British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Goverment, a traditional adversary secretly meet the President of France in New Hamshire this summer? We read on. The meeting participants (names illegible) are discussing the standard definition of character and psycology of the American public and its role in the BIZWOG regulated world order.

Name of meeting presenter (illegible)

The key to control of the american mind is style. Style dominates consciousness. Structures of information and administration must be controlled by "Agents of Influence." These agents must conceal their allegiance to BIZWOG in order to better serve. Control of the US mind is achieved through dishonest use of language supported by operations.

Operations include:
1. Drug use promotion on pretense of "war on Drugs". Promote pharmaceuticals to middle age and younger to assure dependency and addiction of elders.
2. Attack the family. Propose agnosticism, nihilism, permissiveness to defy national traditions and personal values. Feminism usefull, especially in the abortion issue.
3. Conceal that "Walmartia" ie globalism functions best when decadent lifestyles control choice. The gay lifestyle of homosexuals has the highest incidence of "early adopters" of new products therefore is the most profitable in the globalist "Walmartian" world view. (jack Boot is creative with his Walmartia as synonym for globalism.)

Break With The Past:
This is the central albeit subconscious theme of globalism (Walmartia).
To be successful this deception must match the known aspirations of the US public as closely as possible. ( unknown conferee remarks in margin) They (Americans?) are insecure and simple people. They need regular meals, occassional sex and a warm place to shit.)laughter, Jack underlines warm place.

Public mind must be subjected to diversion from the key issues of the national money being controlled by BIZWOG through the Federal Reserve central bank. Propaganda campaigns must always find a single enemy. First "Commies of cold war" now Muslims. If Muslims dont work out it will be back to Russians.(Aha Frogs have dodged the bullet, notes Jack Boot) The image of democracy must be continuously supported even in the face of total contradictions like GITMO. Any critics of govt must be distracted mainly by controlled dissent as was done by John Kerry with his bogus presidential campaign. A controlled political opposition controls dissent. (Women members and political candidates especially useful as controlled political opposition. notes Jack Boot)

Political parties to have no supervision over the economy. The agents of BIZWOG should form "grass roots" political contacts that can effectively function as cells. The cells are to discredit opposition and serve to authenticate dishonest language of BIZWOG agents of influence. Often this can be done through memberships in local luncheon groups to include lodges and orders of various kinds such as Masons, Bnai Brith and Knights and Fellows of various types. From time to time these cells can be mobilized to make a pretense of opposition to the BIZWOG agents of influence.

Human rights are an essential tool in dominating American thought. A carefull manipulation of human rights issue can be used to undermine values, especially patriarchal family values. The vicious circle of vested interests, think tanks and US bureaucracies can control inquiry on many issues by using the shibboleh of human rights.

Closing Remarks (Illegible)


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