MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yikes! Osmo is Younger

This blog is uniquely perfected as politically correct "Newspeak". Please excuse the occasional "oldspeak" intruder.

Yikes! Shazam! Holy Moly! A new video of "Osama bin hiden" is just in. Osmo the invader, once sick to death in a cave with no electric for his life support, now looks 20 years younger. That boy has really done it this time. He has been hiding at the fountain of youth and he never told his CIA handlers. He has had it now. Using company time and assets for personl improvement is against the secret agent policy.

A call from Tuktoyaktuk sounds indignant. Can you believe the audacious contempt for public perception exhibited by the BuckFushians in that toilet on the Potomac called the US Capitol, growls Wilma. They expect us to believe that a General, four promtions richer from being in Iraq, is going to suggest getting out, EVER? What will all the other pension benefit lusting Colonels feel about him hogging all the promotions? We gasp at her oldspeak. Possible trouble coming from military circles, shouts Wilma, in Deep trance channeling contact with Mogen Dildo, close associate of RABBI Zakheim. There is powerful resentment about the Three Trillion US dollars that went missing from military accounts when Rabbi Zakheim, dual citizen Isreali, was controlling Pentagon money, she reports.

In Remote viewing stance, Wilma sees heavy money flows to Israeli and wall street interests but without a benefit for USA. We instantly caution Wilma about "Newspeak" and political correctness. Any idea that Israeli and US interests are not identical is "oldspeak" and not politically correct. In contrition, she nodds her head to acknowledge a deserved reprimand.

The mention of money brings our Prof. C More Books, who claims all knowledge on matters of money as well as religions. For no apparent reason he demands, read the book: Money, The 12th and Final religion. Then he shouts "The apocalypse is at hand". "The Anti Christ is in the Whitehouse." Its really ghastly when the Prof comes by after a demanding lunch at the faculty club. Libation is two for one with doubles before 11:30. All this for $10.00 US or Cdn.

We remind the Prof that the word apocalypse means to unviel,to know, to understand, to be liberated. In a deftly controlled lurch, he turns to us as if we were retarded.
"Thats exactly what the Anti-Christ is doing," he blurts. "BuckFush is unveiling and accidently, no doubt, the preparations to move the US Federal Reserve System to Israel."

"That century old scam of the so-called Federal Reserve Note must be repudiated if Americans want their Republic back,"he asserts. "Reinstate the Greenback as the only legal tender money in the US NOW", he gurgles. Wednesday lunches last until 3:30. Tradition says it takes at least that long to cope with the subject of the day.

What will happen to the Federal Reserve note we ask? Not to worry, he says. The Federal Reserve note has become by deception of emulating the US dollar a world money. The relocation of the Federal Reserve to Jerusalem, would fulfill Bible prophecy of world rulership by the Anti-Christ. BUCKFUSH could be its new head. The Federal Reserve note could continue for 3 and a half years. Then the USA would be liberated from a century of foreign control, he says.

The USA can escape from BIZWOG control by making the Greenback the only currency as Legal tender for US citizens accounts, he explains without a slur. (BIZWOG stands for the BRITISH-ISRAEL,ZIONIST WORLD OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT)he says. God loves America, he mutters before overtaken with a gentle snore. We wonder if the prof is in poltically correct territory here?


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