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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Truth Movement Problems in the UK

Welcome to the worlds first politically correct blog.

Alex Dougherty of the UK is upset about a home grown 911 Truth movement in the UK. He finds objectionable the allegation that Pres. Bush and his NeoCons would kill to conceal high crimes and treason. Alex speaks poorly of 911 conspiracy believers.

Some think Alex is a disinformation secret agent, clever and devious to the nines. Alex says the 911 truth movement has "no serious evidence." The conspiracy buffs "are in flight of fantasy" "without peer review" "that stems from despair and political infantism." Has he not heard that peer reviewers are Fired or maginalized as soon as they debunk the official Bush NeoCon party line?

On serious matters like the subject of terrorism, Alex says "the public are irrational, superstitious imbiciles incapable of valuable political action." Holy Moly, How does he explain urging people to vote in elections?

If there is a conspiracy, the operation must have been concieved in haste and panic. No doubt the 2001 collapse of financial markets and loss of confidence in global capitalism could have frightened the rulership. The confusion of panic and haste could explain how the perpetrators overlooked key questions that now suggest a white house level conspiracy. For example, how can the indestuctable engines and landing gear be missing at all four crash scenes? There were no bodies, no baggage, and not even one detached vertical stabilizer to indicate that planes had crashed at any of the four sites. The only universally agreed proof available was the hole in the Pentagon and three collapsed buildings with casualties. There is continuing talk about Rabbi Zakhiem and three trillion dollars at the Pentagon, offers Emmett of Tuktoyaktuk, decoder of all known electronic signals.

For politically correct enlightenment, we seek our advisor, Prof. C.More Books. Self esteemed as "The Greatness", others generally consider him unbearable. The Prof. says,"Be like Deepthroat. Just follow the (stock Exchange) money," he declares in his pious know-it-all sigh. He says the truth of 911 is in the financial context leading up to 11 September 2001. For Example:

1. The Dow Jones stock market index had forecasted a market collapse on the order of a depression in the pre-Christmas week of December,2000. (Wall Street Journal)

2. True to the forecast, stock market losses during the first six months of 2001 wiped out 50% of US individual and corporate net worth. (Barrons)

3. Wall Street in many ways was facing bankruptcy. Undeclared losses haunted the board rooms of brokers. There were records suspicious of high crime and fraud. (The August 2001 Princeton study of global consciousness sensed that capitalism as a system had failed)

4. Financial offices in the Towers were in a major downsizing. Some key mid level employees refused layoffs. (Pink slips equal loose lips, they might have said.)

5. The long time obsolete towers were becoming vacant. Future prospect of profitability not likely at market rates.

6.Gues What? Problem solved! Some planes, on TV, crashed and the Towers were demolished. Tens of thousands of records were vaporized. Hundreds of key midlevel personnel perished. The Prof. refuses to mention conspiracy or murder or faked TV imagery.

7. As the towers fall, the Bush White House promises immediate aid of $500,000,000.00 credit and cash to support stock brokers. New York City gets money too. War in Iraq brings more money for stock jobbers. There is no Evidence of the Dow forecasted depression.

8. The stock market recovers to new highs. "Who says Capitalist system doesn't work," asks our Prof?

He chuckles at Alex tormenting himself with noxious connections. Alex says the 911 truth movement is harmful. The truth seekers are aggravating domestic tranquility just like protesters during the viet nam war. He says that protesters in that war brought harm to the innocent civilans by provoking more bombings. (Yikes! This leap is secret agent spin meister clever) Alex thinks its OK to protest the Iraq war, but just don't subscribe to the 911 truth movement. The Prof. thinks Alex is making big money..??(MI 6, Mossad, CIA, All the above)

Further news just in from Fone Letcher. Fone says that when buildings are brought down by explosives, all windows must be removed otherwise the building will fragment and fall in a direction dictated by the wind force. The magic in the towers destruction was in the removal of the windows by reducing the glass back to its original silica sand in micro seconds before our very eyes. Fone Letcher, more widely known for his midnight moans on random telephne calls, sometimes makes remarkable contacts. He says he heard from a listener that dissolving the window glass in the towers required a particle energy beam device with a frequency focus to cause molecular disintegration. Yikes! NSA must have gotten a rush out of listening to that call.

Prof. C More Books closes with questions:
1. What would be the political/social/economic consequencs if the truth seekers actually uncover a conspiracy.

2. Would lost belief in public stuctures of goverment and communications trigger a "national security" lockdown comanded by NeoCons under foreign Govt control?

3. Could propaganda reconfigure the Bush-NeoCon cabal as a "God Sent Dynasty" sent to save the "Homeland"?

4. How would you remove a "God sent dynasty" from power?

WE wonder if we should remind our prof about political correctness?


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