MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, March 10, 2008

Israel @ The FUTURE of money, III

Welcome to the perfected discussion of Populism.

The financial markets of the new economy are reporting payment difficulties. The new economy of global market players has replaced the old economy, say experts. Large amounts of monies are reported as "frozen". It seems the "players" have been enticing each other in a global symphony of financial exaggerations. There is talk about bogus loans and mortgages, and dishonest initial public offerings and leveraged buy outs and devious types of portfolio insurance schemes. The "players" blame computer models as being insensitive to changing market conditions.

Yikes! Folly! Screeches Emma of Kazabazua, deep trance medium, she says George Bush pales to insignificance in comparison to the financial market liars of the new economy. Yes, the naked truth is that the new economy is a smoke screen deliberately designed to conceal the lies of the market "players". They tell globalist lies to destroy your company, your career,and your future opportunity in order to get your mutual fund monies and plunder your retirement funds. They have the objective to put control of the social security monies in a foreign country for themselves, declares our Populist Guru, The Montreal Market Medium.

The key to understanding the new economy as a swindle is simple. Prior to the new economy the market was guided by the prudent man rule. The word of the prudent man was his bond. His personal money backed his recommendations. The investor was cautioned that only surplus money should be put to market ventures. The market should never be considered as a store of value.

The new economy is a code word for computer generated probability. This was invented to conceal the dismissal of the prudent man and his rules. Now with the new economy the prospect of payment is no longer based upon the trust of the given word, but is a matter of probability. You can tell anyone anything if the computer can be programmed to justify the proposition. The
programmers are called rocket scientists and they are alleged to treat financial data as if it held the cosmic certainty of the orbiting planets, so it is said. The prospect that the models have been designed as fee generators and always were a fiction is not discussed in layman language. The evidence that the probability model is now collapsing in failure has frozen the markets.

The new economy is probability statistics gone mad, quite possibly doctored with false data and deliberate lies. The old economy was an honest bet with a prudent man. The Montreal Market Medium says, "Save your self. Get what you can. There are no rules. Even those tending to truth will be forced to lie to survive." Who would have believed that President Bush in his torture and war prevarications was so perfect an example for youth in these waning days of the globalist new economy, asks the Medium? We think our Medium has been missing his cups lately. Usually he is more cheery. (ed)


The mystery religion of money with its economic spirit of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchanges comes to us through the Bible story of God Molock and his Temple Milcom constructed by the mythical Solomon. The mythical term Israel and its misunderstanding or misrepresentation helps conceal this construction. A lifting of the intellectual veil called Israel liberates thought. We can now understand how simple money creation really is.

Without the mindlock of dogma, we can now deal with important questions that link the process of money with the balance of the biosphere. The environment cannot be saved by Bible Babel
alone. We need a complete grasp of how simple money creation and regulation really is. We need to be able to answer money questions. What is Money? What is the origin of the money process? What is wealth? How does money begin? How do the originating cosmic powers driving the human condition perceive our obligations with respect to religions, money and markets?

(By the way dear reader, you probably already know the two rules on how the cosmos expects humans to prosper in harmony with nature on planet earth.) The two primary rules that should guide human activity toward a prosperity in harmony with nature are: 1, Do not soil the water.
2, Do not attempt to regulate life by usury, that psychic fire of money arithmetic.

The rule about clean water is obvious. But, we need to know about money and its calculations in order to comply with the rule prohibiting usury. We need to distinguish between money as wealth and money as a belief system and money as a medium of exchange.

First. Let us consider wealth. Probably the greatest wealth is good health in a satisfying life of prosperity in harmony with nature. But, what is wealth measured in money terms? We can say in certainty that money wealth is whatever a bank says it is. The authority for the bank to make such decisions and judgements comes from the bank charter issued by the government. All types of governments, Communist, democratic, republican, Nazi, etc, all issue some kind of bank charter.

Second. What is money? We need to think along parallel dimensions of interpretation: 1, generally speaking for the average person, money is the medium for paying the bills. Cash, checks, credit cards, etc are money of the market place and easily recognized by a bank..
2, In that parallel dimension, essential for the money masters of usury, we find that money is credit In circulation. This circulation of credit is manifested in perpetual (national) debt, money interest, discount rates and stock exchanges.

Third. How does money begin? (You may answer this question with one word) Loan. The fact that all money begins as a loan is the secret of all modern money systems.

Fourth. What is the origin of the money loan process in a society? (answer) The origin of the money loan process is in the shared belief among a people. This understanding of public credit is first detected in what the Bible calls the Vow. In modern finance this vow has become the "full faith and credit" of the people and is the basis for money creation by means of the loan. The vow is discussed in the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION.

IN summary, any money system has just a few key considerations.
1) A people (nationality) share a common belief that is called their "full faith and credit".
2) The people form a goverment and issue bank charters.
3) Curency is authorized
4) A system is designed to get currency to the banks.
5) Banks make loans with money.

For example: A community without money forms a nation. This is the basis for the "full faith and credit." A governemnt is formed and banks are chartered. Currency is printed according to regulations. The nation as a society has needs; infrastructure, health care, schools, defense,etc. The goverment calls for bids to meet the needs. Contracts are issued. Contractors present the contract to the bank as collateral for loans. Loans provide money to pay for workers and supplies.

You notice that in this example the public credit is mobilized with no mention of interest rates or stock markets or national debt borrowings. The myth of central banking as a necessary lender to governments in exchange for the national debt stands exposed as a sham best expressed by the riddle.
Why would you pay someone else interest
To watch you borrow
Your own money
From yourself?

At this point we can safely speculate that money is not a thing but is a form of spirirtual experience expressed in the full faith and credit that defines a nationality. This public credit in circulation has somehow been made hostage to a cohort that can best be described as a priesthood of God Molock. Central banking powers have somehow made it political dogma that a nationality should pay income tax in order to pay interest on its own money which is effect a tithe or tribute to the God Molock.

The mystery of the mystery religion of money is in the question of how the public mind was convinced that their nationality had to pay interest to borrow their own money.This mystery is solved in the book; MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION. Amen
end of part III, Israel and the Future of Money.


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