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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Harvest of Children & Passover

Welcome to the worlds only genuine populist blog. Genuine Populism unconditionally rejects the concept of international stock exchange finance.

The notion of life self regulated by market forces "is in the nature of things preposterous". The very idea of market forces regulating life is clear evidence of the demonic psychic fire of Bible God Molock, says Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk, deep trance channel medium in contact with other dimensions. All notions for justifying interest rate money, perpetual (national) debt, stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance and central banking are the dogma of God Molock, Father of all pollutions. Read the book, MONEY the 12th and FINAL RELIGION. Visit You Tube: Money the final religion., she says.

Much about religious holidays is not known, but by gentle observation many if not all religious holidays can be seen as total myth. For example, the passover selecting of the Jews and the Easter holiday for Xtns are experienced by North Americans in the spring. This is the time for planting and rejuvenation with flowers and the end of winter. In point of fact the Biblical Passover/Easter period is a time of the first harvest. This coming harvest is signalled with the first shoots of the new crop on January 6th coming after the Nile inundation crested in November some weeks after beginning to flood on 19th of July. The January date celebrating the new crop is still celebrated by the Orthodox church as the birth date of the Christ figure. "It is clever how the Jews and Xtns conceal the harvest tradition in favor of the mumbo jumbo of selection and Resurrection," says Emmett of Tuktoyaktuk, decoder of all known ciphers and watcher of all existing circuits. (We caution Emmet about need for deference in his views on religious groups.) He tells us to ****off. He said a bad word. We leave.

Emma of Kazabazua, has been sleepless in despair about the harvesting of the 100s of children in Texas by state authorities. As a reincarnation of Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit in 1555, unkindly remembered in Vatican halls as Loco Lola, Emma has been in remote viewing contact with the mothers and the children. None of them have any knowledge of the deliberate incineration and burning alive done in that macabre harvest by Texas and Buckfushian powerful at Waco. The two girls, Serenity Sea Jones, 4 and Startle Summers, age one, in telepathic ethereal contact with Loco since they were incinerated alive on that gruesome day are trying to spiritually contact the state-kidnapped children, but Emma is still keeping them apart. She thinks it is not wise for the Texas captured children to have early knowledge of the Texas harvest process. Loco is silent on the possibility that the mothers have been programmed to Huntsville Presidential mind control standards to perform as breeding stock and as such they will be inured to the harvest of their children. Loco rises to invoke collective amnesia on all in the room. We bolt unceremoniously.

In our haste to vacate, we suppress any thought about the coincidence of the Passover/Easter holiday period as harvest events coinciding with the apparent harvest of the children now as well as earlier at Waco. Professor C More Books, joins us uninvited as usual, and wants to lecture on religious and financial matters and the "ringknocker" world order elite soon to gather at Bohemian Grove. He says they actually worship the God Molock, and some of the mind controlled women who have survived and escaped talk about vile practices involving children.

We refuse to believe in coincidences!


At 9:39 AM, Blogger LunaMoth1 said...

Brice Taylor interviewed by Ted Gunderson

Your ideas about a "harvest" ritual don't strike me as too way out. I do listen to remote viewers, especially when they channel disincarnate child witnesses.


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