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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Aldrich Ames, Spy, Traitor, Prophet

News Flash: Darkie doper "Buckwheat" Obama beats doper dike "Billary" for democratic convention delegates, reports our secret agent, LeeJohn Billly Bob Boot. He likes to be called Jack. We recoil in shock. We rise to caution him about the lack of political correctness in his appellations, but he dismisses our caution. As world class secret agent, senior US civil servant seconded to global great merchants to protect their wealth and security, Jack Boot is immune to reproach by us commoners. Firing a deep cover world connected secret agent for using street talk slurs is not considered as a "cool" move here. Better have secret agents inside the tent "pissing out than out side pissing in", observed President LBJ.

Intimidated, but not yet quivering from the awe of secret agent powers in America, we seek to curry favor by dialog with Jack Boot. Soliciting him with his own appelation we ask if the Buckwheat is in any way similar to the Pres. Buckfush. For example, the B-movie stance and hillbilly drawl of Pres Bush is clearly unnatural for a background of prep schools, ivy league college and MBA. The bizarre hype and promotion of candidate Buckwheat seems somehow, in a grotesque advertising way, to be similar to the buildup that gave us Buckfush, we suggest. Could this indicate that the same corporate powers own both people, we ask, timidly, fearing we may be too leading with our question? The Jack Boot just laughs. We feel relieved. Jack Boot is in a good mood. We are his friend.

Relief is immediately disturbed by the diaphanous rustle of skirt. Emma of Kazabazua, aka Loco Lola, also known in past life remote viewing as Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit in 1555, wants to meet the legendary Jack Boot, US secret agent Civil servant. Jack was agent in charge at Waco for exterminating the Bible cult that was perceived as possible influence on pre-Buckfush, George Bush, thinks Loco. The Buckfush ranch is only a few Texas minutes from the Waco site where the Mt Carmel Holocaust of David Koresh and his family was perpetrated by federal and foreign agents. Loco Lola, deep trance psychic medium, has questions from Waco victim, Serenity Sea Jones, age six.

The question is always the same. Why? Why burn and murder me and all the people at the church at Mt Carmel in Waco, Texas, asks Loco to Jack Boot? We immediately make a great commotion spilling coffee thrashing about effusively and disrupting thought to escort Emma away towards another place, any other place! The idea of Loco Lola discussing how spirit vibrations from Mt Carmel could impact the Buckfush mind control programming is too dangerous even for this blog. We apologize for Loco and tremble that Jack Boot might be annoyed. He gestures indifference to the departed Emma and her Loco Lola channeling contacts.

We share libation of Strong drink. The Jack Boot in a pensive mood remembers the jury that sent the Waco survivors to federal prison isolation was mostly Mexican. Their identity is still secret. "Some might have been illegal. Illegals have been very important to the Buckfush crowd over the past years," offers Jack. We nod, always agreeing. "They (Mexicans) don't speak English, you know." "It helps insulate them from mind control", said Jack. "Without Huntsville and NASA Mind Control, Buckfush couldn't exist," chuckles Jack in our disconnected fragments of well lubricated conversation. Instantly, the mind is electric with possibilities. We ask the question of great risk. "Do you think the Buckwheat is also a product of Huntsville?" Jack Boot stiffens and turns and stares at us in a frightful gaze.

The question was a bad idea made possible by drink. We hit a nerve. Are we dead now? Jack relaxes and laughs comfortably. For a moment we are one. "Why do you think they have that hokey story about a Buckwheat childhood in Indonesia?" " Obviously can't use the National Guard six months AWOL story with Buckwheat," offers a bemused Jack Boot, chortling at his own humor. Jack abruptly pauses in deep remedial secret agent thought. "You can't possibly know where the guy was programmed," he grunts. Jack Boot needs more drink and leaves us.

Aldrich Ames Prophet

The power of the US National security state to portray itself to Americans as a beacon of liberty amazes the planet. The inmates, of the perfected electronic concentration camp once known as America, take privations instride. Have a pocket full of cash money that you think is personal property and dont want to explain to a patrol cop. He takes it. If you resist this larceny, you go to jail. The cops keep the money. Call a radio talk show and criticize important people. Agents, often unidentified, will intimidate you parents, your neighbors, even your children. You should keep your cash in a bank and your mouth shut. Try to make a cell phone call from your plane approaching the gate. Get arrested for telling the stewardess its none of her business. The police power of the US national security state surpasses the criminality of the NAZIs in violation of due process of accepted legal conventions and personal privacy recognized in all nations and cultures, says Emmett of Tuktoyaktuk, decoder of all known signals and secret messages.

We express concern. Emmett says not to worry. The national security state is collapsing from inside, from the top down, he says. People like Aldrich Ames laid the ground work. President Buckfush has finished the job, Emmett reports according to his signals. Yikes! Ames was a traitor. He sold critical CIA secrets to the KGB for cash. He doublecrossed Russians that trusted America. He betrayed his country and his coworkers, we shout. Emmett shouts back. "What about George Bush betraying his own CIA agent Valerie Plame-Wilson," he asks? Whats the difference, demands Emmett, privy to all known sgnals and messages?

The CIA program for monitoring all nuclear developments was probably the most widely accepted program across all governments provided the cooperation could be kept secret. The public exposing of Valerie as an agent in this work embarrased all concerned and destroyed probably the most important program of nuclear security cooperation on the planet, he says. It is without doubt that this betrayal of confidence by the Bush Neocons of BIZWOG was deliberate, says Emmett. The British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government (BIZWOG) has been well served by its puppet administration in Washington, offers Emmett. They have great plans for a President Buckwheat, he says. We are stern in posture, eyes squinting and jaws clenched. Who does this I.T. hacker think he is bringing us truth?

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