MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Monday, June 02, 2008


NEWS FLASH: America is again confirmed as the mad house of lawyers and jails and victims. Two lawyers let innocent man rot in prison for 25 years. A quibble on legal technicality is reported. There is silence about certain financial facts. Shazam! Full prison beds are good. Holy Moly! Empty prison beds are bad. Stock prices of private prison corporations suffer from empty prison beds. Yikes! A key person on the mystery cell phone call of flight 93, Barbara Olsen has been missing ever since 9/11 without inquiry.

The mystery of flight 93 on 11 September 2001 has been resolved due to the absence of physical evidence of a crash. The hole at the crash site is barely large enough to park a 1957 Buick Roadmaster, about 10 x 20 feet. The absence of engines, landing gear and passenger remains and luggage dictate that no plane fell in Pennsylvania. The reported cell phone call by Barbara 0lsen from the plane was a technical impossibility until after 2004.

Therefore, if there could be no phone call especially from a nonexistent plane, the cell phone call must have been made from a safe ground location. Her husband affirms there really was a Barbara Olsen, but where is she? Why is no one looking for her? Has she been kidnapped, murdered, put in witness protection to conceal her participation in the 9/11 crime? What is the role of her husband in her disappearance, a key figure in the justice department? Where is Barbara Olsen? Dare you ask? Can the New World Order be detected here?

Some Questions
The abiding mystery of the Buckfush America is why all the lies? Secondly, how is it possible that the drum roll of patriotism has succeeded in suppressing inquiry into blatant falsehoods about war and 9/11? Does the mystery reside in the technology of mass mind control? Has heartland denial of economic despair made the acceptance of war a preferred psychological escape rather than admit to a failed economic system called globalism?

We ponder what life for White people, tending to red neck, would be like without the New World Order politics obscured by the TV circus of Judeo-Christianity and its afterbirth of Islam. Why has it become necessary to lie so much, so openly? Wait!! Has the psychic collar of Semitic based religion failed? Was the rush to Vatican II about a secret message? Is it true that the Molock, God of perpetual debt, money interest and stock exchange (mortgage swindle) finance has taken control of the global public mind through its economic spirit of market forces? Can the BIZWOG (British-Israel Zionist World Occupation Government) actually rule the world from a reconstructed Third temple in Jerusalem? Yikes! We rush to Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk for psychic guidance.

Wilma, of Tuktoyaktuk world class deep trance psychic and remote viewing medium, says that NASA has been studying mind control since WWII. They hope to find the secret of reincarnation in order to gain control of the human soul from lifetime to lifetime. With this control of the soul and the value free ethic of corporate multiculturalism it will be possible to create a New World Order of a society of perfected consumers. They will excel as first time tryers and early adopters of a steady flow of new products. Store merchandise inventory turnover will be predictable. Profits follow from turnover, she reminds us.

Wilma explains from deep trance contact with cosmic truth that the globalists, first known in the Bible as the Great Merchants now masquerading as the New World Order, are the natural enemies of human diversity and tranquility on planet earth. Differences in gender, language, culture and above all Nationality and race are anathema to the great merchants. They want to rebreed humans to create a cohort of people that have consistent controllable merchandise consumption habits.

The key to Great Merchant Profits is in the turnover of merchandise inventory. The secret of great merchants success is to sell and reorder new merchandise before the payment is due. This is called living off the suppliers. With a controlled consumer all merchandise will be sold before the payment due date. A state of economic nirvana will exist for the great merchants. The NASA science of mind control will have terrestrial applications of earth changing significance.

The key to a perfected consumer comes from market studies that have established that the most active consumers to first try and adopt new products and respond to advertising instructions have certain attributes. The leaders in trying and adopting new products tend to be homosexuals, followed by children of mixed race couples. The influence of race on great merchants profits and sales volume finds that white people are the least active as first time tryers and early adopters and therefore tend to be a drag on inventory turnover of the new product consumer economy. Data suggests that crossbreeding white people with other races is good for the New World Order of globalist great merchants sales and profits, asserts Wilma.

The political code name for this global great merchant master plan for recreating humans is generally called representative Democracy or sometimes parliamentary Social Democracy, offers Wilma from deep trance contact. We recoil in shock and unbelief at this screwball report. Wilma says check out the NASA facilities for mind control at Huntsville, Alabama, and its connection to the US Government program called Education 2000. This quasi-secret program is being tested across the US with Soviet style indoctrination schemes on the "purity of multiculturalism" for the new Elementary and high schools now being built in centralized campus settings remote from neighborhoods.

We close our minds to the prospect that commerce and academia and government could be so insane as to try and reinvent humanity as a perfect consumer just to maintain inventory turnover ratios of global great merchants. Our Prof C More Books intrudes. He says if we were not so retarded we would realize that the current financial crisis of asset backed paper is part of the great merchants long time swindle he calls "Nudge and Chuckle" or "Wink and Nod", depending upon the industry in play.

Without the cash flow provided by this swindle of so-called “reciprocal purchase agreements” where companies were “swaping” bogus purchase orders and then selling the bogus accounts receivable into the money market as commercial paper for cash and profits, globalism can collapse, pontificates our prof. In the absence of the cash from the bogus commercial paper, the need for the perfected consumer and predictable inventory turnover is absolutely essential to sustain globalism, he says. We suppress thought that globalism is just a code word to conceal the deception, swindle and corruption of the New world Order.

We deny as too preposterous for serious thought that great brand name corporations and Investment houses would be deliberately swindling pension funds, investors and banks with bogus commercial paper from “reciprocal purchase agreements. Further, we cannot believe that a cabal like the BIZWOG (British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government), through its central bank control of the US government, could be using the American Republic as a mind control experiment for increasing sales and profits and turnover ratios of global corporations. Our contributor Prof C More Books challenges our certitude. He asks if we can think of another rationale for the hokum called globalism.

Prepare your mind for the new reality that can unviel the New World Order. Read the book: MONEY; The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, says the Prof.


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