MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Due to errors in calendar calculations, our year 2008 was really the Mayan 2012, sources report. In other words the Mayan end time will begin on 21 December 2008. The accuracy of the Mayan calendar calculations about the Earth in the cosmos has been amazing. Some say that a significant event is being prophesied by the Mayan calculation. Experts are making comparisons between the modern and the Mayan calendars.

Like the Mayans the great Bible religions generally share a prophecy about an end time. These religions, quite like the Mayans as well as new age mystics, see significance in certain numbers. Religions and legends indicate that the number 111 is considered to be extremely grave in the Cosmic Plan for the Human condition on earth. Some speculate that the number 111 is the key to what Zionist infected TV Preachers warn against as a dreaded Apocalypse. Since the word Apocalypse means a time to unveil, a time to know, a time to understand, a time to be liberated, I am confused by contradiction. How can a liberating apocalypse be regarded as a grave circumstance, by so many TV Preachers?

I rush to see Wilma of Tuktoyaktuk. As the worlds leading new age intuitive, she excels in deep trance channeling and remote viewing. She should be able to explain. She refuses to hear my question and orders me to get the oil dripping 1949 Tank Shift Harley 61 out of her driveway before she calls the law. I try to explain. It’s not my machine. I just borrowed it from Cpl Duty First. With jaws clenched and eyes squinting, I refuse to go without a reading. She remains dismissive. She only deals with the theological, religious and spiritually gifted such the Pope or a Dali Lama, she says. I try to tell her about my discovery of the Molock, God of Money. I offer her a copy of my book, MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION. She tells me to take my book go see her understudy, Emma of Kazabazua.

With a departing gesture of reciprocal disdain by tire noise and exhaust, I speed to Kazabazua. Emma channels questions through her past life deep trance persona called Loco Lola. Loco Lola is an unkind description of Queen Juana of Castile, the first woman Jesuit in the 1555 Vatican. Loco says we don’t have to be a mystic to recognize that 111 is central to the financial events beginning 9 Sept 2001. First, you must know that 111 is the 1 of cosmic unity placed side by side three times. This number speaks to the sacred trinity common to traditions around the world, especially in Christianity. Also, it conceals the non quantifiable mystery of the human condition. One plus one does not equal two. One child is the result of one female plus one male parent for a total of three or sometimes more, she smiles from deep contact in the occult. One plus one does not make two, she repeats. This woman is Wacko. She stops my move to depart with a sacerdotal gesture. My confusion is rooted in my ignorance, she tells me. It must be the work of the devil, I said, attempting a jest.

Loco Lola turns on me as if discovering a Biblical Leper. Speaking in a voice that would petrify even the devil itself, Emma, oops Loco, asserts that the devil is a mental compartment, a form of mind control, invented by the early Church fathers to explain temptation to the congregation. The mystery of 111 has been around since the beginning, long before the notion of devil, she sighs, obviously despairing at my impoverished state of knowledge. I seek grace by asking a question. How does number 111 relate to earth life events now? What about the Mayan calendar end time?

December 21, 2008 is a key date, she says. This is a time of confluence of calendars and earth events signified by the number 111, she says. There is the Malachi prophecy of 111 Popes representing the life of the Vatican Church. Also, there is the coincidence of the opening of the 111 US Congress, considered by many to be merely a self serving entity, a puppet of secret forces.

These two events are in psychic motion to converge under the influence of a date often called the 911. This date refers to the trinity of three financial office buildings in the world trade Center that were destroyed on September 11, 2001. Also, we cannot overlook that the event began when Building #1 of the WTC was struck by flight 11. She says the number 111was unmistakably a force at work on that day. Loco says the immediate dispatch of $500,000,000.00 federal funds from Washington to New York signaled the beginning of this world wide "end time" crisis of vanishing monies.

The mention of end time causes a recall of past conversations. Prof. C.More Books said the particle beam vaporizing of the Towers, on orders of the Moloch Cult 273, signifies how Moloch: God of perpetual debt, money at interest and stock exchange (swindle) finance controls world finance through occult forces called money. Cpl Duty First said, repudiate the federal reserve note as legal tender in the US. Reinstate the Greenback. No more borrowed government debt. No interest rates. No income tax. Save the Republic. Exorcise the Moloch cult 273 to Gitmo forever.

Loco is continuing. Further, it is important to recognize that the date 911 should actually be recorded as 111. This is caused by the New Year of Judaism beginning in September of the Christian calendar in that first year of a new millennium for Christians. Therefore, from the occult perspective, the numeric of September becomes a one and the date instead of 911 becomes that certain number 111, says Loco. I suggest from review of her comments that we have five occasions of 111 coming into conclusion. Loco says No. There is another not yet revealed.

The final, or sixth 111 is the New World Order, a tormented vision from the Biblical Abram, the great merchant father of stock market corporations. These corporations see the new world as (1) one market, (1) one money and (1) one culture. This gives the mystic number of 111, she offers. The great merchants see people as a commodity to be perfected as customers. The new culture of consumer materialism driven by a single money system requires traditional values and mores to be dismissed in favor of corporate share calculations, she sighs.

Using the mantra of democracy and freedom, the great merchants drive consumers with advertising magic. Every person is to be an early adopter of a continuous flow of new styles and products at set prices in a specific period of time. Only once before had the great merchants nearly achieved this near perfection of persons and markets. Then just as success was immanent there was the collapse signified by the story of the Biblical tower of Babel. Loco says it was cause and effect. The arrogance of the great merchants had exceeded the tolerable limits of human need to discriminate, she says.

I shudder to think that Economic globalism and the financial credit market collapse of the past year are some kind of rerun recorded as Biblical catastrophe. After the tower of Babel fell, markets turned into the incoherence of slang jabbering gangs, and the established order fragmented into wandering bits and tribes. According to the book of Revelations, all the Great merchants failed in one hour. YIKES! I ask Loco if this could be related to the Whore of Babylon, the end time Beast and the mark of 666 and the end time prophecy in the Bible. She seems pleased telling me that at least I have some sense of her narrative.

The six events of the number 111are materializing into the Biblical 666 before our very eyes, she says. Now you know the 666, mark of the beast, is a cipher signifying a convergence of prophesied events. The Mayan calendar is a fantastic piece of work, she says. These converging events are now and always have been driven by the madness of the great merchants. Since Abram came from the other side of the flood, there have been madmen of commerce who thought they could not fail because of their superior skills in finance and powers to manipulate people, she says.

She dismisses me abruptly because she suddenly remote views that the 1949 Harley tank shift 61 is leaking oil on her drive. I had wanted to ask. What is to be expected now that the perfected great merchant ideal of multiculturalism and political diversity and universal money system has imploded into the black hole of no credit, false promises and political lies? I wish Cpl Duty First would get his infernal machine to stop leaking oil.

READ THE BOOK. Thanks RDuaneWilling.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger David Snieckus said...

Just finished reading: Money the 12th and final religion and was bringing my daughter tot he Library when a book sale caught my attention. In that book sale was: From UR to Nazareth, An economic Inquiry into religious and Political history of Israel, by Francis Neilson published by Robert Scalkenbach Foundation 1959. HMMM...I thought, "what a coincidence." So I bought it. Not one word about money or usury in the book...I checked the index. I have to admit I didn't read it yet.( maybe something you would like to read)'s not as engaging as yours. Thanks for writing: Money the 12th and Final Religion.

Do you know the people at AMI? Here's their latest e-mail


Subject: AMI Reforming our monetary system conference
Date: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 9:34 PM

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,,

Since 1996, the Institute has provided materials on our website aimed at
educating the public and our legislators on the nation's monetary
problem (a privatized monetary system run amok) and how to repair and
reform it. Since 2003 our research results were published and available
in The Lost Science of Money book by Stephen Zarlenga. From 2005 the
Institute has held an annual Monetary Reform Conference in Chicago and
publicized its American Monetary Act, as the comprehensive solution to
the developing monetary/banking crisis. All these are viewable at

Now our ridiculous monetary and banking system (Yes Barney - it is
ridiculous!) continuing to use the same erroneous and failed market
ideologies and people, actually increases its immoral, though
"legalized" theft from our society - the so called bailouts to banks. We
observe the severe recession rapidly growing into a depression where
unemployment could reach truly staggering levels. "Our" financiers and
economists have brought down the whole world economy. We are already in
a downward spiral, and we observe a right wing engaged in habitual class
warfare efforts blocking and harassing an already too small rescue
effort; and a left wing too cowered and too ignorant of the monetary
system nature of the problem, to either fight strongly enough for the
rescue, or to put forward and enact real reform.

So our 2009 AMI Monetary Reform Conference will take place at a time of
great crisis and a rare opportunity to achieve real monetary reform. As
always, a great lineup of speakers is taking shape now, including some
surprises. Attached is a report on the 2008 Conference, written by our
associate, Jamie Walton, who assisted in organizing it.

While the Obama rescue plan, HR 1 (except for the bailouts) will be a
positive factor, and will pass despite objections, it probably won't be
anywhere near large enough. But much more importantly it does not
address the real issue of monetary reform. The essence of monetary
reform is not bailouts, not infrastructure or even printing greenbacks.
The essence is to remove the monetary power from those who have
repeatedly abused it with disastrous effect - to remove the MONEY POWER
from the private banking establishment. See the American Monetary Act at The rest, the positive
elements will follow from that. Anything less will not be real reform.
We know that from the historical record.

The 2009 Conference will focus on that opportunity, and what
participants can do to make a difference. The normal registration fee of
$395, is reduced to $225 for early registrations postmarked by February
28. (Please see the registration form at
For those associated with AMI Chapters, the donation is always $195.

The Venue is again at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago, from
Sept. 24-27th. Chicago has become a political focus of our nation. It
also has a rich tradition in monetary reform. Known especially (by those
in the know) for the proposed monetary reform law called The Chicago
Plan, which came out of brilliant people at the University of Chicago in
the 1930s; before the University's Economics Department went over to the
Dark Side with their present market worship nonsense.

Please try to participate this year. Its a key time to act for real
reform. If you can't attend you can still participate by making a
donation at, that we will use for attendance
scholarships to students. And remember, your donation supports all the
activities of the American Monetary Institute. It makes a very big
difference to our work and the results we can achieve. We really can
continue making progress with your help. (see the excitement that
Congressman Dennis Kucinich created on the Floor of the House of
Representatives at
Warm regards to all,
Please support the AMI, We are working for you! And we need your help.
Stephen Zarlenga
P.S. If you are tired of hearing "the usual suspects" who created the
crisis, hogging the airwaves, write the media and suggest that they
interview me.


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