MONEY: The 12th and Final Religion

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Media Saint Needed;

The TV network spin on finance/political events that they call daily news must be inspired by a higher power. Some say it must be the devil. Maybe so, but something as busy as a Devil looking after Buckfush and NEOCONS and Axelrod and Emmanuel the Israel Lobby, would need a Saint to help out on the creative side. Voila! We have a suggestion for chief Saint of our TV and other news media. It has got to be Joseph Goebbels. Only Joe could ignore disaster and catastrophe and find daily victory reports. In the tradition of master Nazi Joe and his daily victory reports from the collapsing eastern front, we have a question. Whose and what weapons and what circumstances are going to "do-in" modern media? Your thoughts are invited.


There is talk about a shadow system of finance that has caused the collapse of world credit markets. This shadow system has a name called securitization. It is the practice of financial crime and fraud of a scale beyond thought. The shadow system is the consequence of an infection of the mind that cause people to believe that perpetual (mortgage) debt, money at interest and stock markets are natural. (The fact that these contradict all know religions is not reported anywhere.) The mind infection mutated to global virulence when brokers and stock exchanges were allowed to become corporations and sell stock shares in themselves.

In that peculiar year, when Pres Nixon was forced to resign, a virtually secret cult called primary dealers were able to control and trade all US Government debt world wide by computer.
This was the richest mother lode of wealth on the planet, and it was controlled to work against the US national interest if necessary to make a profit for the cabal, says Jack Boot, secret agent, US civil servant assigned to protect the well being of global corporation executives.

In the fullness of time the cabal and their associates in hedge funds,etc caused Commercial bankers to lose control of the corporate loan business. The great merchant corporations, just like brokers and banks could sell shares on the now corporate stock exchanges. The term corporate market capitalization became the measure of global greatness compared to the once controlling measure called bank capitalization. The great bankers were being undercut by their own customers. Known previously in financial literature as investment bankers, these once bank customers now like to be known as Hedge funds, Buy out-M&A experts, etc. They could now operate in the global stock markets independent of bank dominance. A financial civil war was inevitable. But we get ahead of our story, says Jack Boot, secret agent just stopped in for some free libation. We never decline to imbibe with Jack. What ever his story, we never show indifference to Jack Boot, US Civil Servant, Secret Agent in charge at the G-20 conference.

In a moment of lapsed concentration we broke protocol and interrupted and asked Jack Boot to cut to the chase. Overwhelmed with our mistake and fearing retribution, we immediately offered a refill or change of mix. He accepted both. Tension was greatly reduced. Jack, eyes stern, lips drawn narrow, voice on the cusp of impatience said, " the chase is this."

The financial cohort once esteemed as investment bankers of high society have mutated to become creatures of the Moloch, God of perpetual debt, money at interest, and stock exchange(mortgage) swindle finance, father of all pollutions. The instruments of this God move in society as commercial paper, mortgages, national debts and credit card receivables along several other types of accounts receivables. We gasp at this revelation from a top level secret agent.

The mental infection of the public mind caused by God Moloch is in the demonic trinity of Principal (P) multiplied by rate of interest (r) in the passing of time (T) will provide income (I). Therefore I=PRT. No other God in the Cosmos can cause things to grow without air, earth, water or sunlight, except God Moloch. Read the book; MONEY: The 12th and FINAL RELIGION, he says.

What does this have to do with credit cards and commercial paper, blurts The Montreal Market Medium? Just in by following the scent of fresh libation, the medium obviously doesn't know the risks associated with Jack Boot like we do. Surprisingly, Jack is gentle with the blurting Medium.

The entire shadow financial system is based on the flow of interest and charges rising from the credit cards, says Jack. You see stupid one, Jack says directly and quietly to the Medium. It is the mixing of the heinous fees and rates from credit cards that make securitization possible. The interest and fees from the cards make it theoretically possible to project double digit returns from a mix of lower interest rate short term commercial paper, home mortgages when all is mixed together as a financial instrument. This is why the Congress will not legislate unfavorably to the credit card system. They are complicit in financial crime against the national interest, chuckles Jack at the irony of the situation.

The shadow system is limited by the Moloch rule of I=PRT. There is only so much money available at any time in the system to pay fees and charges, but the Moloch system has been absorbing the money by fees and charges at an ever faster rate because more money is needed to support ever more securitization of paper. Now the financial market has choked because incomes are not there to pay fees to keep the accelerating system alive. The substitution of credit card credit for wages shortfall beginning in the 1980s was deliberate, says Jack Boot. Before we could ask for explanation, the rustle of fabric and power of Chanel dominates the room according to the arrival of Emma of Kazabazua. She comes to us in deep trance as Loco Lolla.

If Jack Boot is so smart, how come he doesn't know about the totally bogus paper with equally bogus rates of return that insiders knew was bogus and made insurance type bets that they could collect because they knew it would never pay as agreed that was flooded on the market, challenges Loco Lolla. For every billion of paper there maybe trillions of bets waiting to be paid because the phony paper can't pay, screeches Loco. We try to shush Loco out of the room to give her more time to recover from her deep trance past life contact.

The Montreal Market Medium is bemused. Jack Boot, secret agent, is charged by career to protect the greatest criminal fraud in history. It is obvious that the system is approaching a sort of civil war where the commercial banking industry as threatened by the shadow financial system of mutated investment bankers is fighting for its life. So far the central bankers have always won. Four American Presidents assassinated. One purged by "Watergate". They destroyed Giannini and his chain banking threat with the great depression. WWII destroyed the German threat to stock exchange finance. The Cold War kept financial thought in a deep freeze. Now the struggle is against the shadow financial world of securitization. Which side will Jack Boot come down on?


At 3:28 PM, Blogger David Snieckus said...

Yes, I believe you are right. The more I think on it the more I come to believe that Money is the 12th and final religion. It's so "natural" really meaning unnatural that we are all sucked up in this need to make money. Without it we would free but now we are slaves to the monetary system and they have us.

I tried visualizing being a slave in the South a 100 years ago and find that is could be liberating if I had no idea of a car, running water, a warm house, a cell phone and a computer. I believe we just "fell" for these modern day conveniences that made us slaves to a monthly fee starting with the electric bill at the turn of the century. Ever since monthly payments have become a way of life and very few can see past it...until they die. The never ending debt is of our own creation... yes we were led into it by the ease of it all.
Now we will all have to pay!

At 7:34 AM, Blogger David Snieckus said...

Letter to President Obama:

President Barack Obama April 15, 2009
President Of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Enclosed please find eight grains of rice and a check for Two Hundred Twenty Trillion Dollars ($220,000,000,000,000). Please plant one rice seed and educate seven others to do the same. With the check, please pay off the U.S. National debt (~$12 trillion) by buying up all the Federal Reserve Notes. And never, ever, let the United States Treasury borrow from them again. Okay? And keep the change! You may need it for lottery tickets.

But seriously this could work. There may be some logistical problems but as Americans we have shown we can work them out.

By planting one of the enclosed seeds in the White House Garden with Michelle and the children you will have created an awareness of ecological sustainability for the people of the world…and something very economical. When you let that one seed mature and plant the harvested seeds every year you will have the collateral for the debt in eight years. (see math on page 2.)

The enclosed signature is my promise to help start the rice or grain growing project. We would create The Bank of the Greater United States, print the NEW U.S. NOTE, interest and debt free and pay off the debt in 2017.

Can we work together to do this? It would be fun!

Sincerely and Healthfully,
(The signature below is a promise to help create the United States as the “rice bowl” of the World!)

David Snieckus
99 Crescent Street
Newton, MA 02466

The math:

Plant 1 seed in the garden in the first year you will harvest 214 grains
Plant 214 grains in the second year you will harvest 45,796 grains.
Plant 45, 796 seeds in the third year and you will harvest 9,800,344 grains
Plant 9,800,344 in the fourth year and you will harvest 2,097,273,618 grains
Plant 2,097,273,618 in the fifth year and harvest 448,816,553,824 grains
Plant 448,816,553,824 in the sixth year & harvest 96,046,742,518,33 grains
Plant 96,046,742,518,336 in the 7th year = 20,554,002,898,923,904 grains
Plant 20,554,002,898,923,904 in year 8 = 4,398,556,620,369,714,700 grains

So at the end of your eighth year in office you will have:

· 4 quintillion,
· 398 quadrillion,
· 556 trillion,
· 620 billion,
· 369 million, 714 thousand and 700 hundred grains.

Now divide that by 20,000 (number of grains per pound) and you have:

The math is 4,398,556,620,369,714,700 divided by 20,000 equals 219,927,831,018,485.

So at about a $1.00 per pound (in 2017) will give you 219 trillion, 927 billion, 831 million, 18 thousand, 485 dollars. I rounded it off to 220 trillion.

(My Calculations show that in the eight year you would only need 3 million acres planted)…Hell there are 171, 904, 640 acres in Texas!

· Isn’t $220 TRILLION enough to pay off the debt today with a bit of pocket change for implementation AND give the incoming President in 2018 a debt free country?

All you have to do is plant one seed today.

Call me at 617-964-2951 and we will work out the details.

Hope you see this clearly…


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